Fernand SANZ

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Primera participaciónParís 1900


Fernand Sanz was known as a French amateur cyclist, but he was of Spanish descent, having been the illegitimate son of Alphonse XII of Borbon, King of Spain, and the well-known singer, Elena Armanda Sanz Martínez de Arizala. Sanz’s best year as a cyclist was 1900 when he placed second at the Olympics in the sprint, second at the French Sprint Championship, and third at the Grand Prix de Paris for amateurs. He also competed that year at the World Championships in Paris but did not place. Sanz later fought as a boxer, twice making an attempt to win the French title in 1903 and 1904. He never married, as it appears he was supported financially by Alphonse. His niece, María Luisa, daughter of Alphonse, became known for her Bohemian ways as both a poet and singwriter.

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