TSE Pui Ting Natasha

22 Dec 1996
Great Britain

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
EQU Equestrian Team Test to Music  
Individual Test - Grade I 16


Location Event Status
Equestrian Park

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Paralympic Games
14Individual Championship Test - Grade Ia2012London, GBR
14Individual Freestyle Test - Grade Ia2012London, GBR
23Individual Championship Test - Grade Ia2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
World Equestrian Games
14Team Test to Music2018Tryon, NC, USA
16Individual Test - Grade I2018Tryon, NC, USA
18Individual Championship Test - Grade Ia2014Caen, FRA
19Team Test to Music2014Caen, FRA
Nat, Ting-Ting [a nickname from her father]. (Athlete, 04 Apr 2012)
Cantonese, English, Mandarin
2011 for Hong Kong, China (Athlete, 04 Apr 2012)
She temporarily lost feeling in her legs after falling from a horse prior to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She recovered from the injury and went on to compete at the Games. (hk.appledaily.com, 06 Mar 2021)
She took up Para equestrian at age four. (scmp.com, 07 Nov 2016; Athlete, 04 Apr 2012; cchorse.com, 15 Jul 2016)
One of her teachers recommended horse riding to her as a way of strengthening her legs. She also loved the sport for its elegance and precision. (scmp.com, 07 Nov 2016; cchorse.com, 15 Jul 2016)
She trains three to four times a week. (hk.appledaily.com, 06 Mar 2021)
Dutch dressage rider Anky van Grunsven. (Athlete, 04 Apr 2012)
Her mother. (Athlete, 04 Apr 2012)
"Never give up." (Athlete, 04 Apr 2012)
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