ter SCHURE Vincent

24 Oct 1979

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
CRD Cycling Road Men's B Road Race 1 Gold Medal
Men's B Time Trial 2 Silver Medal


Start Time Location Event Status
Fuji International Speedway
Fuji International Speedway

Biographical Information



Paralympic Games
1B Road Race2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
2B Time Trial2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
Road World Championships
1B Time Trial2019Emmen, NED
2B Road Race2021Cascais, POR
2B Time Trial2018Maniago, ITA
2B Road Race2015Nottwil, SUI
2B Time Trial2014Greenville, SC, USA
3B Time Trial2021Cascais, POR
3B Time Trial2017Pietermaritzburg, RSA
4B Road Race2018Maniago, ITA
5B Road Race2019Emmen, NED
9B Road Race2017Pietermaritzburg, RSA
16B Time Trial2015Nottwil, SUI
DNFB Road Race2014Greenville, SC, USA
Track World Championships
1Tandem B - Team Sprint2020Milton, ON, CAN

Paralympic Games
2B 4000m Individual Pursuit2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
Track World Championships
2B 4000m Individual Pursuit2019Apeldoorn, NED
3B 4000m Individual Pursuit2020Milton, ON, CAN
5B 4000m Individual Pursuit2015Apeldoorn, NED
6B 4000m Individual Pursuit2016Montichiari, ITA
16B 1000m Time Trial2020Milton, ON, CAN
16B 1000m Time Trial2019Apeldoorn, NED
Dutch, English
Eelke van der Wal [national], NED; Floris Goesinnen [national], NED
His older brother Mark Ter Schure was involved in road cycling at international level. (destentor.nl, 18 May 2006; procyclingstats.com, 2000)
He competed in able-bodied road cycling at international level until 2007. (stmatandemteam.com, 16 Nov 2014)
In August 2019 he fractured his collarbone in a training crash. The accident took place two weeks before the 2019 World Championships in Emmen, Netherlands, but he recovered in time to compete and won gold in the tandem B time trial. (utrechtsesportkrant.nl, 13 Sep 2019)
He began cycling at about age seven or eight, and got involved in Para cycling in 2014. (dhlexpress.nl, 12 Sep 2019; stmatandemteam.com, 16 Nov 2014)
"I grew up cycling from an early age until I hung up my bike in 2007 because the motivation was gone. My vision was still good at the time, but from 2012 I had to let go of more and more things because of my vision impairment. In 2014 my old passion was revived by getting on the tandem." (teamvit.nl, 03 Mar 2020)
Winning gold in the tandem B road race at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (dhlexpress.nl, 12 Sep 2019)
"Be the best we can be." (Facebook page, 09 Nov 2015)
He was named the 2016 Sportsman of the Year in Houten, Netherlands. (houtensnieuws.nl, 08 Feb 2017)

General Interest

B3 (UCI, 15 Mar 2020)

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment (stmatandemteam.com, 16 Nov 2014)

Impairment Details
His vision is affected by retinitis pigmentosa. (stmatandemteam.com, 16 Nov 2014)

Timo Fransen, NED, from 2014 (teamvit.nl, 03 Mar 2020)

He and his tandem pilot Timo Fransen are committed to finding new ways to improve their performance through the equipment they use. "Speed is a result of many factors - training, materials, position, and aerodynamics. Good equipment is 'free' profit. You can still train hard, but if you do not do everything with your equipment, you have trained more or less for nothing and all profit will be lost. A tandem does not necessarily go twice as fast, in terms of aerodynamics there is some loss in 'drag'. You have the disadvantage of the wind and you are heavier. Timo and I are pioneers when it comes to development. We test special helmets, tyres and shoes. We are constantly optimising where we can." (dhlexpress.nl, 12 Sep 2019)

Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal Event
Silver Medal Event
Bronze Medal Event
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