6 Jun 1982

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
ATH Athletics Women's 100m - T53 7
Women's 400m - T53 4
Women's 800m - T53 7


Start Time Location Event Status
Olympic Stadium - Track
Olympic Stadium - Track
Olympic Stadium - Track
Olympic Stadium - Track
Olympic Stadium - Track

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Paralympic Games
24x400m Relay - T53/542016Rio de Janeiro, BRA3:46.63
2Women's 200m T532012London, GBR29.35
2400m - T532012London, GBR56.06
2Women's 4 x 100m Relay T53-542008Beijing, CHN1:01.91
3100m - T532016Rio de Janeiro, BRA16.59
3400m - T532016Rio de Janeiro, BRA55.28
3100m - T532012London, GBR17.14
3100m - T532004Athens, GRE17.87
4800m - T532016Rio de Janeiro, BRA1:47.97
4100m - T532000Sydney, NSW, AUS18.38
4800m - T532000Sydney, NSW, AUS2:09.40
5800m - T532012London, GBR1:53.80
5100m - T532008Beijing, CHN17.89
5800m - T532004Athens, GRE2:02.29
5Women's 200m T532000Sydney, NSW, AUS34.13
6800m - T532008Beijing, CHN2:02.56
6400m - T532000Sydney, NSW, AUS1:06.34
7Women's 200m T532008Beijing, CHN31.81
7400m - T532008Beijing, CHN59.82
7400m - T532004Athens, GRE1:02.73
12Women's 200m T542004Athens, GRE33.14
151500m - T542016Rio de Janeiro, BRA3:33.05
DNSMarathon - T542000Sydney, NSW, AUSDNS
World Championships
1Women's 200m T532015Doha, QAT29.33
1400m - T532015Doha, QAT57.47
1100m - T532002Lille, FRA18.17
1Women's 4 x 100m Relay T54-551998Birmingham, GBR1:08.22
1Women's 4 x 400m Relay T54-551998Birmingham, GBR4:26.28
2100m - T532017London, GBR16.84
2Women's 200m T532017London, GBR29.09
2100m - T532013Lyon, FRA17.64
2Women's 200m T532013Lyon, FRA30.15
2800m - T532013Lyon, FRA1:53.88
3800m - T532015Doha, QAT1:54.08
3400m - T532013Lyon, FRA57.00
4400m - T532017London, GBR55.73
51500m - T542017London, GBR3:25.79
5400m - T532006Assen, NED1:01.78
5800m - T532006Assen, NED2:12.45
5800m - T532002Lille, FRA2:11.27
6100m - T532019Dubai, UAE17.44
6400m - T532019Dubai, UAE1:01.86
6800m - T532017London, GBR1:58.28
6400m - T532011Christchurch, NZL1:08.09
6100m - T532006Assen, NED18.71
6Women's 200m T532006Assen, NED32.25
6400m - T532002Lille, FRA1:08.37
8800m - T532019Dubai, UAE2:05.16
8Women's 200m T532011Christchurch, NZL33.87
101500m - T542015Doha, QAT3:52.04
10100m - T532011Christchurch, NZL19.56
10Women's 200m T542002Lille, FRA35.50
Commonwealth Games
11500m - T542014Glasgow, GBR3:59.20
21500m - T542018Gold Coast, QLD, AUS3:36.85
6800m - T542006Melbourne, VIC, AUS1:58.78
Commerce, Psychology - University of Sydney, Australia
Fred Periac [personal]
1998 for Australia (, 28 Aug 2012)
She took up the sport at age 12, when the New South Wales [NSW] Wheelchair Sports Association sponsored a chair for her. (, 2008)
After her accident she was introduced to a wide range of wheelchair sports and discovered her passion for wheelchair racing. (, 14 Sep 2008)
To win gold at the Paralympic Games. (, 01 Jan 2017)
Australian PARA athlete and coach Louise Sauvage, Australian Para athletics coach Fred Periac. (, 11 May 2012)
In 2013 she was named Athletics Australia's Para Athlete of the Year. (, 30 Nov 2013)

In 1999 she was named Australian Capital Territory [ACT] Academy of Sport's Athlete of the Year in the impairment category. (, 2008)
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Bronze Medal Event
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