1 Aug 1992
Youth Olympian
United States of America
United States of America

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
TRI Triathlon Men's Individual 6
Mixed Relay 2 Silver Medal


Start Time Location Event Status
Odaiba Marine Park
Odaiba Marine Park

Biographical Information


Youth Olympic Games
2010Singapore, SIN2

World Triathlon Series - Overview
YearEventStandingsThree best ranks per season
2020Individual Ranking18th1 x 18th
2018Individual Ranking49th1 x 18th, 1 x 20th, 1 x 44th
2017Individual Ranking32nd1 x 11th, 1 x 17th, 1 x 21st
2016Individual Ranking49th1 x 18th, 1 x 19th, 1 x 35th
2015Individual Ranking34th1 x 16th, 1 x 20th, 2 x 25th
2014Individual Ranking74th1 x 27th

World Triathlon Series - Ten best performances since 2017
112021IndividualWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesYokohama, JPN1:43:41
112017SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesGold Coast, QLD, AUS53:17
162015IndividualWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesCape Town, RSA1:41:04
172017SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesEdmonton, AB, CAN56:08
182020SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesHamburg, GER50:02
182018IndividualWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesHamilton, BER1:57:35
182016SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesEdmonton, AB, CAN52:39
192016IndividualWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesGold Coast, QLD, AUS1:48:58
202018SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesEdmonton, AB, CAN52:55
202015SprintWorld Triathlon Championship SeriesEdmonton, AB, CAN54:23

World Championships Mixed Relay
YearLocationRelay X
2020Hamburg, GER2
2018Hamburg, GER3

World Cup overview - Three best ranks per season and event since 2017
YearIndividualSprintSuper Sprint Distance
2021-1 x 6th, 1 x 21st-
20201 x 14th1 x 6th, 1 x 12th-
20191 x 2nd, 1 x 4th2 x 3rd, 2 x 4th, 1 x 6th1 x 13th
2018-1 x 7th, 1 x 10th, 1 x 13th-
20171 x 2nd, 1 x 4th, 1 x 5th1 x 3rd, 1 x 5th, 1 x 8th-

World Cup - Ten best performances since 2017
22019IndividualWorld CupSanto Domingo, DOM1:39:22
22017IndividualWorld CupHuelva, ESP1:46:20
32019SprintWorld CupTongyeong, KOR51:35
32019SprintWorld CupCagliari, ITA52:14
32017SprintWorld CupSarasota, FL, USA49:44
42019IndividualWorld CupWeihai, CHN1:55:04
42019SprintWorld CupLima, PER52:35
42019SprintWorld CupMadrid, ESP55:59
42017IndividualWorld CupMooloolaba, QLD, AUS1:44:19
52017IndividualWorld CupMadrid, ESP1:54:12
52017SprintWorld CupMerida, MEX55:10

X - Mixed, IP - In Progress, DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, DSQ - Disqualified
Business Administration - University of Colorado Colorado Springs, United States of America
He first competed in triathlon at age 10, and at age 12 decided to focus on the sport, as he felt he was most competitive in it. (, 05 Jul 2021;, 06 Jun 2021;, 13 Jul 2021)
His childhood best friend Ben Kanute, who would compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, drew him into the sport. He was inspired to compete at the Olympic Games by watching them on television as a child. "I realised this isn't just a dream, but it actually could become a reality. The more and more I kept getting involved in racing, the better and better I kept doing. And I started racing in local races, and state races, then Midwest area races, national races, then I qualified for world teams so I was racing internationally as I got older, then it kind of just took me to here [the 2020 Games in Tokyo]." (, 06 Jun 2021;, 13 Jul 2021)
To win a medal in the mixed team relay event at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 05 Jul 2021)
Earning selection for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 16 Jul 2021)
"My mindset has shifted for the better recently [speaking in 2021]. I am in a rhythm now where I feel like I can really believe in myself going into races." (, 13 Jul 2021)
In 2015, he and Ben Kanute shared USA Triathlon's Male Triathlete of the Year award. (, 25 Feb 2016)

In 2009 and 2010 he was named Junior Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon. (, May 15 2021)

General Interest

At age 18 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, and took six months off to complete chemotherapy. "I had my eyes set on the junior world title my last year in that category and early on that spring I actually was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. My whole world was upside down where I was actually, instead of focusing on trying to win the world title, fighting for my life to beat cancer. I actually didn't know what my outcome would be, if this was going to be terminal, or major complications. The doctor looked at me, she's like, 'Give me six months of your life and then you're going to be good and we're going to beat this thing'. I took that to heart and I was like, 'Six months? Okay, let's do this. That's going to be my new goal, my new focus, making sure I beat this thing the best I can and walk out of this in the best situation I can'." He returned to elite competition a year after the diagnosis. "The chemotherapy delayed everything. I'm 28 now, but I feel more like a 23 or 24-year-old. My body is back to better than it was before chemo." (, 05 Jul 2021;, May 15 2021;, 16 Jul 2021)

He works with Cal's Angels, a paediatric cancer foundation in the United States of America, and has shared his experience of cancer. "It took a while, but I am finally comfortable sharing my story. I want to show that you can make it through. It is just so special and means so much for me to give back, the way people gave to me when I was sick." (, 13 Jul 2021)

He says there have been three occasions when he nearly gave up professional triathlon. "In 2013, I went to the folks at USA Triathlon and said, 'I just can't do this anymore'. My body was breaking, emotionally, I was a wreck. They told me to stop competing and just focus on school." After a break he returned to competition, but was again close to retiring when he failed to earn selection for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and later in 2019 after suffering from anaemia and other injuries, which he overcame with the help of a sports dietician. "At that point [2016], my friends were moving on in life, getting real jobs, and I questioned if I should move on too. I've finally accepted that I'm different from other triathletes. I've been through a lot, my body just doesn't operate the same way as others, and I have to train differently. It took me nine years to figure that out, and I'm still learning." (, 13 Jul 2021)

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