Swimming - Final Results

Current Records - Mixed 4 x 100m Medley Relay
Record Mark Name Location Date
WR 3:38.41 Qingdao (CHN) 26 Sep 2020
Distance Time
100m 52.45
200m 1:50.41
300m 2:45.73
OR 3:38.75 Tokyo (JPN) 29 Jul 2021
Distance Time
50m 28.18
100m 58.50
150m 1:24.54
200m 1:55.58
250m 2:18.89
300m 2:46.16
350m 3:11.23
Olympic Record
World Record

Tokyo Aquatics Centre - 31 Jul - 11:43

Lane Team Qualifying Time
1 3:43.73
Qualified 7th from heats. Finished 4th at 2019 WCh. Silver at 2018 European Ch, 4th in 2020. They finished 0.1s behind GBR who claimed the bronze medal position at the 2019 World Championship.
2 3:42.65
Qualified 5th from heats. Finished 6th at 2019 and 2015 WCh, 8th in 2017. Silver at 2016 European Ch, bronze in 2021 and 2018. DSQ at 2019 Junior WCh, 5th in 2017. Team member Elena DI LIDDO was encouraged to take up swimming by her late brother Silvio, who died when she was 16. 'It was such a great pain that it made me realise what matters. When I lose a race I cry, because I care.'
3 3:42.29
Qualified 3rd from heats. Bronze at 2017 WCh, DSQ in 2019, 4th in 2015. Gold at 2018 Asian Games. Gold at YOG in 2018, 2014 and 2010. Finished 9th at 2019 Junior WCh, 7th at 2015, 13th in 2013. CHN were disqualified from their heat at the 2019 World Championships.
4 3:38.75
Qualified 1st from heats. Gold at 2015 WCh, bronze in 2019, 5th in 2017. Gold at 2021, 2018, 2016, 2014 European Ch. Great Britain claimed the inaugural world title in 2015, finishing 1.56s ahead of the USA.
5 3:41.02
Qualified 2nd from heats. Gold at 2017 WCh, silver in 2019 and 2015. DSQ at 2019 PanAm Games. Bronze at 2018 PanPacific Ch. Silver at 2017 Junior WCh, bronze in 2015 and 2013. The USA missed out on a gold medal by 0.02 seconds at the 2019 World Championships. They finished first at 2019 PanAm Games but were disqualified after the race for an illegal leg movement by their breaststroke swimmer.
6 3:42.35
Qualified 4th from heats. Gold at 2019 WCh, silver in 2017. Gold at 2018 Pan Pacific Ch. Australia are reigning world champions in the event, after their triumph at the 2019 WCh. They edged out the USA by just 0.02 seconds after Australia's Cate CAMPBELL chased down USA swimmer Simone MANUEL on the anchor leg. AUS finished 2nd at the 2017 WCh, almost three seconds behind their USA rivals.
7 3:43.25
Qualified 6th from heats. DSQ at 2019 WCh. Silver at 2021 and 2014 European Ch, 4th in 2018. Placed 6th at 2018 Junior European Ch, 8th in 2016, 11th in 2014. NED made the final at the 2019 World Championships but were disqualified due to a 15-metre violation in the backstroke leg.
8 3:43.94
Qualified 8th from heats. Finished 10th in 2019 WCh, DNS in 2017. Placed 23rd at 2021 European Ch, 9th in 2018. DNS in 2019 Junior WCh. Finished 13th at 2021 Junior European Ch, 8th in 2019, 21st in 2018, 9th in 2017. ISR made their first appearance in the European Championship at the 2018 edition of the tournament in Glasgow.
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