7 Jul 2008
United States of America

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Discipline Event Rank Medal
SKB Skateboarding Women's Park 3 Bronze Medal


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World Skate World Championships
2019Sao Paulo, BRA3

X Games
2019Minneapolis, MN, USA5

Dew Tour
2021Des Moines, IA, USA2
2019Long Beach, CA, USA12

World Cup Skateboarding overview - Three best ranks per season and event since 2017
20191 x 1st

World Cup Skateboarding - Ten best performances since 2017
12019StreetWorld Cup SkateboardingTallinn, EST
Surfing, kickboxing, dancing, making music, playing guitar, playing video games, social media. (, 03 Aug 2020;, 05 May 2021; Sky & Ocean's YouTube channel, 05 May 2021;, 03 May 2020)
In May 2020 she had a serious fall while training on a vert ramp, suffering a fractured skull, broken left wrist and hand, and lacerations to her lungs and stomach. She returned to recreational skating two weeks later and returned to competitive skating in May 2021. (, 09 Jun 2021;, 23 May 2021;, 03 Aug 2020)

In June 2019 she broke her arm. She competed at the Dew Tour event in Long Beach, CA, United States of America, the following week with the cast on. (, 11 Dec 2019)
She began surfing and skateboarding at age three, under the influence of her father who was involved in both sports. "At first I mostly learned [tricks] from YouTube. I said to my dad, 'Please, please, please teach me' and he told me a little. But if I want to learn a trick I'll just search it online and study about it myself." (Jordan Matter YouTube channel, 24 Oct 2019;, 09 Jun 2021;, 11 Dec 2019)
"My dad built a mini-ramp in our backyard for him and his friends to skate on. He would skate every day after surfing. He didn't actually want me to skate, but it was my favourite toy. I would steal his board. He would skate every day with his friends and I'd always get in the way. I would not want to walk anywhere, just skate." (, 03 May 2020;, 24 Jul 2020)
To win a gold medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 03 Aug 2020)
Brazilian skateboarder Leticia Bufoni. (Jordan Matter YouTube channel, 24 Oct 2019)
"I like to do tricks that boys are doing because I feel like some boys think girls can't do what boys can do. I want to go to the same height as them and push the boundaries for girls." (, 11 Dec 2019)

General Interest

In May 2020 she suffered a life-threatening injury when she fell 15 feet while training on a vert ramp belonging to Tony Hawk. She had attempted to clear a channel gap between two sections of the ramp and fell to hard ground. She posted video of the fall on Instagram, and said her helmet saved her life. "I like to skate at Tony Hawk's place. He has a 14-foot ramp and I did this trick which is a front side alley oop, but when you do it you can't really see where you're going. So when I come down the ramp I'm facing the other way and I realised I was going off the edge. But it was really quick and I was knocked out. It was definitely hard for them [my parents]. They both wanted me to stop. They were like, 'Are you sure you want to skate again?' They absolutely didn't want me to - but that's why I love them. They support me because they know I want to keep going. I don't usually post my falls, or talk about them, because I want people to see the fun in what I do, but this was my worst fall. It's okay to fall sometimes and I'm just going to get back up and push even harder." (, 09 Jun 2021;, 23 May 2021;, 03 Aug 2020)

She was born to an English father and Japanese mother, and opted to represent Great Britain. "My other option was to represent Japan [but] Great Britain's style was much more like mine. I skate and surf for fun, and they really understood that. Any pressure I have comes from myself, not from a country or anyone else. I am so excited for the Olympics and even more excited that it's being held in Japan since I am from there and a lot of my friends and family live there. I want to be the youngest gold medallist." Her father and coach, Jon, said that Great Britain was understanding of her needs as a child. "We chose Great Britain because we felt that there was no pressure and they didn't ask us to commit. They made it very clear that if she wasn't happy or wasn't feeling good at any time we could pull out. That was huge for us." (, 05 May 2021;, 09 Jun 2021;, 11 Dec 2019;, 28 Apr 2020;, 03 May 2021)

She goes surfing most mornings with her father and brother. As well as being part of Great Britain's skateboarding programme, in April 2021 she was named in Surfing England's under 16 junior squad. "I like them both the same, they're super similar. But it's like if you go and get ramen and ice cream - if you eat too much ramen you want to go and get ice cream. I used to be better at surfing but I've been skating a lot lately and I've gotten way better from doing contests. It's made me want to go harder. It's pretty similar. It moves and goes fast like a skateboard and does tricks like a skateboard. So, I feel like surfing helps with skateboarding a lot." (, 03 Aug 2020;, 11 Dec 2019; Jordan Matter YouTube channel, 24 Oct 2019;, 01 Apr 2021;, 16 May 2019;, 01 Mar 2021)

In 2020 she was unveiled as a Barbie Role Model, with the toy maker Mattel creating a Barbie figurine in her likeness. "I'm going to push boundaries for girls with my skating and surfing. Having a Barbie created in my likeness is one of the most incredible things that's ever happened to me. It's been really important for me [being a role model] ever since I was little. I would be always be the only girl at the skate park or in the ocean. I always think that girls are sometimes scared to do what they want to do. Girls sometimes think, 'He can do it because he is a boy, and I can't do it because I'm a girl'. It's my dream to change that. I want it to be, 'I'm a girl so I CAN do it'. Yeah, I do like having a responsibility. It makes me want to be a better person." (, 02 Dec 2020;, 28 Apr 2020;, 03 May 2020)

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