PETERS Steffen

18 Sep 1964
United States of America

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
EQU Equestrian Dressage Team 2 Silver Medal
Dressage Individual 10


Location Event Status
Equestrian Park
Equestrian Park

Biographical Information


Olympic Games
YearLocationDressage IndividualDressage Team
2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA123
2012London, GBR176
2008Beijing, CHN4DSQ
1996Atlanta, GA, USA153

World Equestrian Games
YearLocationGP SpecialGP FreestyleDressage Team
2018Tryon, NC, USA28-2
2014Normandy, FRA10104
2010Lexington, KY, USA334
2006Aachen, GER463

World Cup Final
9Grand Prix Freestyle2017Omaha, NE, USA

World Cup North American League
1Grand Prix Freestyle2019/2020Wellington, FL, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2019/2020Del Mar, CA, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2019/2020Temecula, CA, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2018/2019Del Mar, CA, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2017/2018Del Mar, CA, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2017/2018Del Mar, CA, USA
1Grand Prix Freestyle2016/2017Las Vegas, NV, USA
3Grand Prix Freestyle2016/2017Wellington, FL, USA

GP - Grand Prix, NS - Not Started, RT - Retired, WD - Withdrawn, EL - Eliminated
Athlete, Coach, Horse Trainer
Wife Shannon Peters
English, German
Arroyo Del Mar [San Diego, CA, USA]
His wife Shannon Peters has competed at an elite level in dressage. She finished second behind her husband at the 2005 National Intermediate Dressage Championship in Gladstone, NJ, United States of America. (, 27 Sep 2016;, 03 Dec 2007)
He began riding at age seven in Wesel, Germany. (, 30 Aug 2016;, 18 Aug 2011)
He was introduced to the sport by his sister Anke, who was already taking lessons at a riding club. His interest was encouraged by his parents. (, 30 Aug 2016;, 03 Dec 2007)
To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 16 Apr 2019)
Japanese equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu. (, 08 Oct 2011)
"When I train, 75% of what I'm doing is really training the horse mentally. The other 25% - getting the horse fit and developing the muscles - really isn't that complicated. It's such a big passion, and we absolutely love it. It's not just about competition - it's a serious love for animals." (, 10 Jul 2013)
He was named United States Equestrian of the Year in 2008, 2009, and 2011. He was the first rider to win the award three times. (, 24 Nov 2013)

General Interest

He was affected by depression for parts of 2018 and 2019, which was so severe that he was unsure if he would ever compete again. He received treatment from eight different doctors during this period, and also needed three trips to the emergency room at the hospital. His mother had a stroke in March 2019 and told him that she hoped to see him ride at the 2019 World Equestrian Festival in Aachen, Germany, which gave both of them the incentive to recover from their ailments. "I've never really experienced depression. There was nothing in my life if you really look at the big picture to be depressed about. But it became more and more negative and I was not really able to focus. I was convinced I had a brain tumour because my dad passed away from it. I saw everything absolutely the very worst. There were two weeks when I didn't ride at all. I distanced myself, isolated myself, not really functioning very well in public. [After his mother had a stroke] the first 10 days did not look very promising. When Mom became more responsive I swear her first words were, 'I want to watch you ride in Aachen'. At that time I still had my doubts that I'd be capable enough of qualifying for Aachen. But that was a huge motivation for both of us." (, 19 Jul 2019)

He owns the Arroyo Del Mar stables in San Diego, CA, United States of America. (Facebook team page, 27 Feb 2021)

Born in Wesel, Germany, he first went to the United States of America after meeting some riders from San Diego, California, at a riding clinic. He travelled across the Atlantic to visit them in 1984 and made the decision to relocate there permanently after finishing his compulsory military service in 1985. He became a US citizen in 1992 and took work at a number of stables before accepting a post at the Chalk Hill Training Clinic in San Diego in 1995. (, 03 Dec 2007;, 03 Dec 2007)

He was a tank driver during his two-year military service, although he failed his first test after he hit the curb while driving through the city. "It flattens [the curb] because of the weight. I was 10 minutes into my test and I flattened the curb. So I failed my first test. The second time I did OK." (, 30 Aug 2016)

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Gold Medal Event
Silver Medal Event
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