DUFOUR Cathrine

2 Jan 1992
Olympic Scholarship

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
EQU Equestrian Dressage Team 4
Dressage Individual 4


Location Event Status
Equestrian Park
Equestrian Park

Biographical Information


Olympic Games
YearLocationDressage IndividualDressage Team
2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA136

European Championships
YearLocationGP SpecialGP FreestyleDressage Team
2019Rotterdam, NED345
2017Gothenburg, SWE332

World Cup Western European League
1Grand Prix Freestyle2020/2021Aarhus, DEN
1Grand Prix Freestyle2019/2020Gothenburg, SWE
1Grand Prix Freestyle2019/2020Herning, DEN
1Grand Prix Freestyle2017/2018Gothenburg, SWE
1Grand Prix Freestyle2017/2018Herning, DEN
12Grand Prix Freestyle2018/2019Stuttgart, GER

GP - Grand Prix, NS - Not Started, RT - Retired, WD - Withdrawn, EL - Eliminated
Athlete, Coach, Horse Trainer
Leisure Management, Sports Management - University College Absalon - Roskilde, Denmark
Partner Rasmine Laudrup
Danish, English
Dufour Dressage [DEN] / Helgstrand Dressage [DEN]
Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein [national], DEN; Kyra Kyrklund [personal], FIN
Her partner Rasmine Laudrup has competed in jumping at amateur level. Rasmine is the daughter of Danish football player Brian Laudrup. (eurodressage.com, 09 Jun 2020)
She began riding at age five and got her first pony a year later. She first joined the Danish dressage team at age 12. (helgstranddressage.com, 22 Oct 2018; thehorseridersjournal.com, 17 Jun 2016)
One of her friends invited her to try the sport at a riding school. "I said, 'No, I don't want to do it' but we were good friends so I joined her and within two minutes I was totally hooked on that horsey thing. In the beginning I was not that into riding, I just wanted to brush the horse, feed it. Quite soon after that I went to a riding school and learned how to do stuff. I was really hooked on it quite fast." (dressage-news.com, 09 Nov 2017)
To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (dressagetoday.com, 21 Oct 2019)
German dressage rider Isabell Werth. (horseandhound.co.uk, 24 Mar 2018)
Her father. (Trolle Company A/S YouTube channel, 20 Oct 2018)
"I am quite obsessive before and during the big shows. If my steps match so I can kick a stone with my right leg, it's a really good thing. But if a pea drops from my fork, that's really bad. The list is almost endless. However, the craziness has its purpose. When out of my comfort zone, it makes me feel safe because it's something I'm familiar with, and it usually prevents me from getting nervous." (thehorseridersjournal.com, 17 Jun 2016)
"My parents have always been very open minded and said, 'Let's see if we can do this. No one knows if we'll succeed, but we want to help you make it happen somehow.' That's the attitude I have with everything." (Trolle Company A/S YouTube channel, 20 Oct 2018)
She was presented with the Olympic Hope Award at the 2016 Danish Broadcasting Corporation [DR] Sports Gala. The honour is given to young Danish athletes with the potential to succeed at future editions of the Olympic Games. (dr.dk, 07 Jan 2017)

She received the Classic Style Award at the 2010 European Junior Championships in Kronberg, Germany. (thehorseridersjournal.com, 17 Jun 2016)

General Interest

She runs Dufour Dressage in Roskilde, Denmark. In April 2021 she announced that she would be moving her stables to a new facility Fredensborg, Denmark alongside her partner Rasmine Laudrup. "[When I started] I wanted to be inspired by and to learn from the best riders in the world, but no one wanted to talk to me and tell me how they became so good. So, I wanted to open a door for others and say, 'Come in and hear how I did it.'" (horses.nl, 14 Apr 2021; dufourdressage.com, 23 Dec 2019; Trolle Company A/S YouTube channel, 20 Oct 2018; horseandhound.co.uk, 24 Mar 2018)

She found the build-up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro stressful, particularly as she had only recently moved from the Danish junior teams into the senior squad. She had also never competed outside of Europe before, and had little experience at major tour events. "When my parents invited friends back home I really didn't want them to come because I didn't want to talk about the Olympics. I think we talked about the Olympics every day for maybe a year. I was totally fed up with it. I was like, 'No, I don't want to talk about it', so I was quite isolated. When I got back home after the Olympics I hit a black hole. I didn't want to ride. I had some good younger horses in the stable and I sold them immediately to get them away from me. I really needed a break. It was really a tough year." (dressage-news.com, 09 Nov 2017)

Her horse Cassidy gets spooked if he can see himself or another horse on a television screen, which means she has had to pass on competing at some World Cup events. "We were second-last at our senior international grand prix debut and after that I took the TV from my apartment and put it in his stable. He was so frightened but he's getting better now. It's why I haven't really done the World Cup [circuit] - I have to text organisers to ask if there's going to be a livestream in the arena." (horseandhound.co.uk, 24 Mar 2018)

She had to withdraw from the 2018 World Equestrian Games [WEG] in Tryon, NC, United States of America, after her horse Atterupgaards Cassidy sustained an injury. (globalequestriannews.com, 23 Aug 2018)

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