Cycling Track - Race 1 Results

Izu Velodrome - 8 Aug - 11:20

Race Distance: 3 laps 
Women's Sprint Finals - Gold
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2 229
2 105
Placed 15th at 2020 WCh, 5th in 2019, 10th in 2018. Silver at 2019 European Ch, bronze in 2020. Placed 8th at 2019 European Games. Gold at 2017 U23 European Ch. Placed 3rd at 2019/20 Glasgow WCup. In other events - 4th in keirin at 2020 OG, 8th in team sprint. 'I think my mother was worried that I might start spending my time in the wrong places, so she asked if I wanted to join a cycling club.
Placed 4th at 2020 WCh. Gold at 2019 PanAm Games. Won 2019 PanAm Ch. Won 2019, 2018 NCh. In 2019/20 WCup, 2nd at Milton, ON, 2nd at Cambridge, 9th at Brisbane, 3rd at Hong Kong. In other events - 5th in keirin at 2020 OG. In August 2017, she attended a cycling tryout in Toronto, Canada. She exceeded the national standard for track cycling on the watt bike, and was recruited by Cycling Canada.

Women's Sprint Finals - Bronze
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1 158
1 153
Finished 6th at 2016 OG, 10th in 2012. Gold at 2019 WCh, bronze in 2020, 2017, 2013. Gold at 2018, 2014 Asian Games, bronze in 2010. Six-time Asian champion, four times bronze. Won the last eight World Cup events she participated in over the 2019/20 and 2018/19 season. In other events - 8th in keirin at 2020 OG, bronze in 2012. In 2012, she won Hong Kong's first Olympic medal in track cycling.
Gold at 2020 WCh, 11th in 2019, 23rd in 2017, 19th in 2016. Finished 4th at 2019 European Ch, 9th in 2018. In 2019/20 WCup, 2nd at Hong Kong and Glasgow, 3rd at Minsk. In other events - silver in team sprint at 2020 OG, 7th in keirin. Gold in keirin, team sprint at 2020 WCh. She considered retiring after experiencing severe pain in her back and knee in 2017. Hero is USA gymnast Simone BILES.

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