Team ROC ROC - Medals by Sport

Name Sport Event Medal
GAR Men's Team 1
GAR Women's Team 1
SWA Duet 1
SWA Team 1
ATH Women's High Jump 1
BOX Men's Feather (52-57kg) 1
FEN Women's Foil Team 1
FEN Women's Sabre Individual 1
FEN Women's Sabre Team 1
SHO 10m Air Pistol Women 1
SHO 25m Pistol Women 1
SWM Men's 100m Backstroke 1
SWM Men's 200m Backstroke 1
TKW Men +80kg 1
TKW Men -80kg 1
TEN Mixed Doubles 1
WRE Men's Freestyle 57kg 1
WRE Men's Freestyle 74kg 1
WRE Men's Freestyle 97kg 1
WRE Men's Greco-Roman 97kg 1

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Gold Medal
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