Osaka torchbearer wants to spread his love of running


Mr. Moriwaki has a passion for running, and holds ‘footrace classes’ to share the importance of hard work with children, something he learned through athletics.

His aim, by teaching proper running form and posture, is to teach them how to achieve faster times, in the hope they will gain confidence and develop a love of running.

Mr. Moriwaki is also training so that he can participate in marathons with other amateurs and hopes this will encourage more people to run marathons to support their health.

What is it about running that you enjoy?

When I'm running, I sometimes struggle with pain, but when you overcome that you get the confidence to do more. If you persevere then your race times will improve, and sometimes you might win. I’ve also learned by running and trying your best, you will never be let down.

Why did you decide to begin the ‘footrace class’ events?

I wanted to show children how interesting athletics were. There are children who play baseball or football, but not many who do athletics, and there are not many athletics classes. I thought, ‘can I show children how interesting running is in a class since it's a sport anyone can do?’ They enjoyed it, and I’m glad if even one more child begins athletics.

What have you gained or noticed while teaching these classes to children?

Running is a simple sport, but I learned that if you teach in a certain way then they become more engaged. It made me notice that children don’t dislike running — they enjoy it — especially when we incorporate games, run relays, or make competitions.

Please tell us what you look forward to seeing at Tokyo 2020, and what you are excited about as a torchbearer.

I’m looking forward to seeing Japan shine like it did after the Tokyo 1964 Games. They say that we lost decades after the bubble burst, but that’s now the past. I feel that a new era is about to begin, starting at the Tokyo 2020 Games, when the world sees how amazing the Japanese are in their earnestness and diligence. I do hope that I’m right.

Tell us what you are excited about as a torchbearer.

My part of the relay is in Osaka.

I want to savour every step, holding everyone’s hopes in my heart as I run. I made it a goal to be a torchbearer when Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Olympic Games. To think that I would be chosen…I can only say that it is an honour to be able to participate.