Future pharma researcher in Miyazaki wants to cure the world


FUJIU Ayame serves as president of her student council and devotes herself to organising school events and student-centred activities.

Fujiu is also active in the school's science club because she has dreams of becoming a pharma researcher. She would like to promote close collaboration between Japan and the world. In addition to math and science, Fujiu is also brushing up on her English skills. She has participated in English debates, studied abroad at a Thai high school, and continues to take on new challenges to improve her English.

Fujiu thinks that the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 presents a perfect opportunity to deepen our understanding about the rest of the world. Billions of people around the globe take part in the Olympic Games in one way or another. Participating as a torchbearer as a citizen of the host country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Fujiu is proud to pass on the Olympic flame, which is the symbol of the festival of sport that unites the world in her country, Japan.

What motivates you to take on challenges such as becoming the president of the student council or studying English?

I felt that English is essential if I wanted to make a contribution on a global level. One individual can change the world today, so I also wanted to take on many challenges and gain more experience. As I took part in various activities, I realised how difficult it is to maintain harmony in a group or organisation.

What do you wish to accomplish after becoming a pharmaceutical researcher?

My goal for the future is to become a researcher and develop new drugs, and to reduce their production costs. In order to reduce costs, I want to establish new methods of production. I also hope to develop drugs that can treat diseases that are difficult to cure and drugs that can replace current ones that have major side effects.

What did you gain from studying abroad to improve your English?

I studied abroad and made friends at the high school I attended, and I learned a lot about the local customs and culture. There were a few instances where my English was not fluent enough. I learned that there are many different views and not everyone thinks the same. I also developed an inquiring mind and a deeper understanding towards things.

What are the charms of your home, Miyazaki?

Miyazaki Prefecture is known as the home of Japanese mythology. There are many mythologies and folklore that have been passed down for generations. Miyazaki is also blessed with wonderful nature, being surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea. Miyazaki is referred to as "the sunny side of Japan" for its warm and mild climate.

Many people worldwide are involved with the Olympic Games. What is your objective as a torchbearer?

The Olympic flame is not only a ceremony for the opening of the Games, but it is also a symbol of hope that is shared by all people across the world who live in different cultures, societies and circumstances. I believe it is increasingly important that Japan and the entire globe unite to accomplish a common goal. As a torchbearer, I am proud to pass on the flame of hope that connects people together.