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Spectators who wish to watch the Torch Relay from the spectator area along the relay route are requested to read the safety measures on the following page in advance.
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6 -8 July

In principle, the same local municipalities will manage the Olympic Torch Relay segments. But the planned route overview, the order of the municipalities, the location of celebration sites and other details may change in the future, depending on the coordination with the parties involved.

Places of interest in Saitama

The Saitama leg of the Torch Relay begins in the city of Kawaguchi, ending the first day in Tokorozawa, the second in Kumagaya and the third in Saitama, with celebrations taking place at the end of each day.

Some of the sites the torch will visit on its journey across Saitama include: the scenic pine grove of Soka Matsubara, located in Soka and immortalised in Basho Matsuo’s classic novel, “Oku no Hosomichi: The Narrow Road to the Deep North”; the layers of rock in Nagatoro, a natural monument famous for river rafting on the Arakawa River; Kumagaya Rugby Stadium — one of the Rugby World Cup 2019 venues; and the beautiful streets of Kawagoe City, lined with traditional warehouse-style architecture.

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