Changes to Olympic Torch Relay format in Yamaguchi and Hiroshima


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) hereby announces changes to the format of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay in Yamaguchi prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture, due to take place on public roads on 13-14 May and 17-18 May respectively.

Given the current status of COVID-19 in both prefectures, the Yamaguchi and Hiroshima prefectural task forces have each requested Tokyo 2020 to change the format of the Olympic Torch Relay. In accordance with their requests, Tokyo 2020 will arrange for the Olympic Torch Relay in each prefecture to be held in an alternative format as follows:

Yamaguchi prefecture
Day 1 - Thursday 13 May: alternative lighting ceremony
Venue: Yamaguchi City Central Park
Time: 17:00-17:30

Day 2 - Friday 14 May: will be held on public roads as scheduled except Section 3: Shimonoseki City.

Hiroshima prefecture
Day 1 - Monday 17 May: alternative lighting ceremony
Venue: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Time: TBC

Day 2 – Tuesday 18 May: alternative lighting ceremony
Venue: Fukushima City Gymnasium
Time: TBC

The Olympic flame is currently traversing Fukuoka prefecture under the concept of 'Hope Lights Our Way', aiming to bring hope and encouragement to local communities along the way. Tokyo 2020 will continue to work closely with the prefectural authorities and the local task forces in each prefecture due to host Olympic Torch Relay segments in order to ensure the safety and security of all local communities.