Points for Special Attention


We would like to ask for your cooperation with the following points to ensure the safety of the torchbearers and the smooth operations of the Olympic Torch Relay. Let's make sure we observe the rules and build excitement for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay.

1. Please make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare. If you arrive late at your designated collection point, you may be disqualified from taking part as a torchbearer.

2. Please make your way to the collection point by public transportation or by a privately-arranged means of transport.

3. In principle, only torchbearers are permitted in the collection point, on the bus transporting torchbearers to the their respective sections and on the Olympic Torch Relay path.

* For exceptional circumstances, please contact the torchbearers' desk

4. Strictly speaking, torchbearers should complete their run alone, however, torchbearers who require an escort may complete their run with one (1) pre-registered escort. The escort is kindly requested to accompany the torchbearer to the reception desk. Please note that any support personnel other than a pre-registered escort will not be allowed to enter the collection point.

5. Plans are underway for wheelchair-using torchbearers to make the journey from the collection point to their allotted slot and back in a wheelchair-friendly automobile (Welcab) supplied by The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo2020)

* Please be aware that there may be some instances where a Welcab for transport cannot be provided

6. When wearing the uniform, please ensure the whole of the uniform design is visible (i.e. do not attempt to hide any design aspects), and wear the uniform as it is intended to be worn. Please refer to the regulations regarding the wearing of torchbearers’ uniforms for further details.

The regulations regarding the wearing of torchbearers’ uniforms

* For exceptional circumstances, please contact the torchbearers’ desk

7. You must not take photographs of any torchbearer other than yourself without first requesting permission. Please make sure you obtain prior approval from any other persons to be featured in photographs before taking a souvenir photo of your experience.

8. Please note that it is forbidden to take still photographs or videos in some areas. Closely follow any instructions issued by members of the staff. Please also be careful about anything you post to social media platforms.

9. If you are forced to withdraw as a torchbearer for any unavoidable reason – including on the day of the run – please inform the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay torchbearers’ desk as soon as possible.

Holding the torch while running

All torchbearers will be required to hold the lit torch aloft while completing their run. For safety reasons, we would like you to cooperate with the following points when completing your run. All torchbearers will be informed of points for special attention with regards to their run during the orientation session at the collection point.

1. A member of the staff will conduct all operations for the cylinder fitted to the torch.

2. For safety reasons, please raise the hand with which you are holding the torch up to face level when completing your run.

*For exceptional circumstances, please contact the torchbearers’ desk

3. The torch emblem is at the front of the torch. Please ensure you hold the torch so that the torch emblem is visible from the front.

4. A member of the staff will hand over the torch to you immediately prior to your run.

5. A member of the staff will collect the torch from you once you have completed your run. If you have completed the advance purchase procedure to purchase your torch, the torch will be returned to you at the collection point.

6. If it is difficult for you to hold the torch in your hand while running, we have special attachments that can be fitted to wheelchairs, etc.

*It is possible that attaching the torch to a wheelchair may be problematic. Please contact the torchbearers’ desk for further details.

7. Torchbearers with shoulder length hair or longer are requested to tie back their hair when running for safety reasons.

8. Ensure the torch is held upright at all times except when conducting the torch kiss.

Supporting devices to hold the Olympic torch

Points for special attention when the torch is lit

1. Please note the upper part of the torch (shown in red in the below image) may emit flames or hot air, and is therefore potentially dangerous. Please ensure that you never place any flammable items near the dangerous upper part of the torch.

2. To ensure you do not come into contact with the dangerous part of the torch, please ensure the position mark is placed to the front (as shown in the below image), and grip the torch accordingly. While running, hold the torch aloft so that the position mark is the same height as your chin.

3. The middle to upper part of the torch can become quite hot, so please ensure that you do not touch this part of the torch when running.

4. Combustible air is emitted from the lower part of the torch, so please ensure that your hand does not cover the bottom of the torch.

5. When running, please hold the torch as upright as possible. Never let the torch tilt more than 45 degrees.

6. Please do not hold the flame of the torch close to any other person, animal, building, etc.

7. Please do not touch or cover the nozzle with your hand or place your face too close to the nozzle.

Points for special attention when the torch is lit
Points for special attention when the torch is lit

Purchasing the torch

The torch is a very exclusive item specially made to carry the sacred Olympic flame. Torchbearers will be able to purchase the torch they ran with as a special commemorative item. Those who wish to purchase the torch should submit a purchase application in advance. If you purchase your torch it will be handed over to you at the collection point after you have completed your section.

Please note that you will not be able to purchase the torch on the day, so please ensure you complete the advance purchase procedure if you would like to purchase your torch.

You will be able to collect the torch you have purchased at the collection point (torchbearers meeting and dispersal point)

Price of the torch: JPY71,940 (incl. tax)

How to purchase: Instructions provided in the second contact (February 2021)

How to apply: Torch Relay Torch Sales Site (online)

Payment method: By bank transfer or credit card (VISA card only). Bank transfer fees will be borne by the buyer.

Accessory: Torch case

Points for special attention regarding torch purchase

  • It is strictly forbidden to sell your torch once you have purchased it.
  • Do not exhibit or use the torch you have purchased for any commercial or advertising purposes.
  • Please note that we will not be able to send the torch to you. Collect your torch at the collection point after completing your run.
  • Please note that you may be contacted by the organisation or company that selected you as a torchbearer with regard to purchasing the torch. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Cooperation with advertising activities

Please take note that those of you who agreed to grant interviews when you submitted the “Intent to Run” statement will be required to come to the collection point after you run. You may be interviewed by the media and by Tokyo 2020. 

*The number of torchbearers that are interviewed may vary depending on the schedule.

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