The day of the Torch Relay

Torch about
Torch about

It is anticipated that the number of torchbearers per day will be between 80 and 90 (depending on the route), with each torchbearer set to run a distance of approximately 200 metres.

While each torchbearer will run alone, certain legs will feature a group of runners (team torchbearers).

There will be a live stream and information on social media, so everyone can enjoy the Torch Relay - even if they are not present.

Transfer by vehicle

Once the relay has been completed at a local municipality, the flame will be transferred by vehicle to the next local municipality. While being transported, the flame will be placed in a lantern. After arriving at the next local municipality, the relay will resume.

* It is anticipated that the flame will not be on public display during transportation.

Relays in remote locations

When the flame is originally kindled in Greece, both a ‘parent’ flame and ‘child’ flame are created.
Generally, only the ‘parent’ flame is used; however, when the relay is taking place in remote locations, the flame will be placed in a lantern during transportation and after which, the ‘child’ flame will be used. The ‘parent’ flame and the ‘child’ flame are never carried by torchbearers simultaneously; only one is used during each leg of the relay.