Torch Relay visit held at Togane Special Support School

Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay Official Ambassador Aki Taguchi and Tokyo 2020 Mascots Miraitowa and Someity visited Chiba Prefectural Togane Special Support School to highlight the significance and purpose of the Torch Relay.

Some 119 students - ranging from elementary, junior high and high school - took part in the quizzes and discussions throughout the day.

(c) Tokyo 2020

The visit was part of Tokyo 2020's nationwide 'Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay x Education Program' which was implemented to improve the experience of the torch relay for children and students.

Ahead of the Olympic Torch Relay, which will begin in March 2020, schools were distributed with teaching guides and reference materials for lessons - including quizzes, colouring pages, and various other materials - to help them teach the significance and history of the Torch Relay.

(c) Tokyo 2020

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