Promotion of gender equality and "Unity in Diversity" at the Tokyo 2020 Games

Relaunch and actions related to "Unity in Diversity"

The Head of the Gender Equality Promotion Team, KOTANI Mikako Sports Director:

"Under the leadership of President HASHIMOTO Seiko, the Gender Equality Promotion Team was established with the Director General and I was appointed as the Head of the team.

"On this occasion, we will take a fresh look at "Unity in Diversity", one of the visions of the Games and, additionally, other initiatives we have been promoting. We will consider actions based on the following three concepts, with the cooperation of athletes and experts.

"And we will work to ensure that the Tokyo 2020 Games are recognised as an epoch-defining event when we look back at them in the future."

Three strategic policies

Visible initiatives

  • "Visualisation" and "Communication" of what we have done and what we will do
  • Enhanced efforts in the lead-up to the Tokyo 2020 Games

Create the movement

  • "TOKYO 2020 Declaration (tentative name) aiming for a society in which everyone can live comfortably"

Connect to the legacy

  • Working with stakeholders to ensure the succession of the Tokyo2020 legacy in the future
  • Tokyo 2020 Field Casts should be the legacy

Key Activities of the Gender Equality Promotion Team

Date Key Activities
22 Mar. 2021 Board of Directors: Status Report and Exchange of Views
Conducted a lecture "Olympic Charter and Gender"
12 Mar. 2021 NF Council meeting
8 Mar. 2021 Participation in the Human Rights, Labour Involvement and Cooperation Working Group (approx. 70 Partners also participated)
International Women's Day Joint Statement (IOC / IPC / the Government of Japan / the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG)/ Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee)
3 Mar. 2021 Board of Trustees: Amendments to the Articles of Association and election of new female directors
2 Mar. 2021 Board of Directors: Vice President Selection and Exchange of Views
25 Feb. 2021 Gender Equality Promotion Team kick-off
24 Feb. 2021 Report to the IOC Executive Board on the establishment of the promotion team

Relevant initiatives

"Unity in Diversity" is the theme of many of our initiatives at the Tokyo 2020 Games.