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12 - 16 Aug.

For the Yamagata Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival, in the spirit of an inclusive society, flame lighting will be carried out in all 35 cities, towns and villages (36 locations) throughout the prefecture using methods that are unique to and promoting their traditions, culture and industry. The flame gathering ceremony and departure ceremony will be held in the athletics arena of Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park. Flame lighting highlights will include when the flames from the 35 cities, towns and villages throughout Yamagata Prefecture are brought together to form four regional flames, and then when they come together to form the Yamagata flame – the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic flame (Yamagata Prefecture) – after which a representative will light the Paralympic cauldron and the Flame for the Future of Yamagata (proposed name) declaration is presented.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 12 Yamagata City Yamadera Konpon Chudo Hall
Aug. 12 Yamagata City Zao Gongendo Hall
Aug. 15 Yonezawa City Yonezawa City Sukoyaka Center
Aug. 14 Tsuruoka City Komagihara Park
Aug. 13 Sakata City Kinowa-no-saku
Aug. 15 Shinjo CIty Parking of Shinjo City Hall
Aug. 12 Sagae City Jionji Temple
Aug. 16 Kaminoyama City Kaminoyama Public Park
Aug. 12 Murayama City Atago-bori moat of Okubo
Aug. 15 Nagai City Nagai Shimin Bunka Kaikan
Aug. 13 Tendo City Tendo Nishinumata Site Park
Aug. 14 Higashine City TBD
Aug. 15 Obanazawa City Pottery Facility
Aug. 16 Nanyo City Nanyo City Hall
Aug. 15 Yamanobe Town Yamanobe Town Central Public Hall
Aug. 15 Nakayama Town Nakayama Town Central Public Hall
Aug. 14 Kahoku Town Iwaki Rural Park
Aug. 14 Nishikawa Town Hondouji Kuchinomiya Yudonosan Shrine
Aug. 13 Asahi Town Kuki-Jinja Shrine
Aug. 15 Oe Town Mogami River side
Aug. 15 Oishida Town Oishida community center Niji no Plaza
Aug. 14 Kaneyama Town Kaneyama Town Nousonkankyoukaizen Center
Aug. 16 Mogami Town Mogami Town Central Public Hall
Aug. 16 Funegawa Town Koseien(Facilities for supporting people with disabilities)
Aug. 14 Mamurogawa Town Mamurogawa Town Event House Yurakukan
Aug. 14 Okura Village Okura Central Public Hall
Aug. 14 Sakegawa Village Sakegawa Village Recreational Park
Aug. 14 Tozawa Village Tozawa Central Public Hall
Aug. 15 Takahata Town Takahata Town Chamber of Commerce
Aug. 16 Kawanishi Town Daikoin Temple
Aug. 14 Oguni Town Oguni Develop General Centre
Aug. 15 Shirataka Town Shirataka Central Public Hall
Aug. 15 Iide Town Town Synthesis Center Earth
Aug. 15 Shonai Town Hibiki Hall
Aug. 15 Mikawa Town Nanohana Hall
Aug. 14 Yuza Town Yuza Town Central Parking Lot

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Tendo City Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Tendo City Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park

Flame visits

No implementation