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12 - 15 Aug.

For the Toyama Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival, all 15 cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture will carry out flame lighting using methods that are unique to those areas based on the spirit of the Paralympic torch relay, where a diverse range of people give hope and support in society to become a light to inspire the creation of an inclusive society. The flames from these 15 cities, towns and villages will become one flame at the Fugan Canal Park Water Plaza in Toyama City, where the departure ceremony for the flame will also be held to send it to Tokyo, the Paralympic host city.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 12 Toyama City Toyama Science Museum
Aug. 14 Takaoka City Shoukouji Temple
Aug. 15 Imizu City Osima chuo park
Aug. 15 Uozu City SUWA Shrine
Aug. 15 Namerikawa City Sun abilitys namerikawa
Aug. 15 Himi City Yanaida Nunooyama Mounded Tomb
Aug. 14 Kurobe City Kurobe City Hall
Aug. 14 Tonami City Tonami City Hall
Aug. 15 Oyabe City Sakuramachi Jomon Park
Aug. 13 Nanto City Jonan Park
Aug. 13 Kamiichi Town Around the hakuryuu bridge
Aug. 15 Funahashi Village Funahashi Village Hall
Aug. 13 Tateyama Town Oyama Shrine
The top of Mt.Tateyama
Aug. 14 Asahi Town Fudodo ruins

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Toyama City Fugan Canal Park Water Plaza

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Toyama City Fugan Canal Park Water Plaza

Flame visits

The Paralympic flame, which will be lit using methods unique to the cities, towns and villages of Toyama Prefecture, will visit mainly welfare facilities in multiple locations throughout the area.