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12 - 16 Aug.

The Osaka Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival will feature flame lighting in all 43 municipalities in the prefecture, and the flames will be brought together at the Osaka Prefectural Center for the Promotion of Exchange for People with Impairments (Fine Plaza Osaka) in Sakai City, the central hub for para-sports in the prefecture, after which a departure ceremony will be held in Osaka City.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Osaka City Osaka City NAGAI Sports Center for Persons with Disabilities
Aug. 15 Sakai City Sakai City Health and Welfare Plaza
Aug. 16 Kishiwada City Kishiwada Castle
Aug. 14 Toyonaka City Teshima Gymnasium
TBD Ikeda City Satsukiyama Children Culture Center
Suigetsu Children Culture Center
Sports Center
Aug. 16 Suita City Suita city office
Aug. 13 Izumiotsu City MONTO PARK
Aug. 13 Takatsuki City ama site park
Aug. 15 Kaizuka City Zenbei Land - Observatory
Aug. 16 Moriguchi City Moriguchi City Residntial Care Wakakusa Wakasugien
TBD Hirakata City TBD
TBD Ibaraki City TBD
Aug. 15 Yao City Yao City General Gymnasium
TBD Izumisano City Nankirifudomyouo Square, Shipporyuji Temple
Aug. 14 Tondabayashi City Jinaimachi (Temple town)
TBD Neyagawa Coty Neyagawa City Ikenosato Citizens Exchange Center
Aug. 13 Kawachinagano City Kawachinagano City Welfare Center for the Persons with Disabilities Akamine
Aug. 15 Matsubara City shimin plaza
Aug.13,14 Daito City Daito City Outdoor Activity Center(Campii Daito)
TBD Izumi City Izumi City Community gymnasium
TBD Minoh City TBD
Aug. 16 Kashiwara City Kashiwara municipal independence support center
Aug. 15 Habikino City Nishiura elementary school
Aug. 16 Kadoma City TBD
Aug. 16 Settsu City Settsu City Fureainosato
Aug. 13 Takaishi City TBD
Aug. 15 Fujiidera City AICEL Shura Hall
Aug. 16 Higashiosaka City Manufacturing company in Higashiosaka City
TBD Shijonawate City TBD
Aug. 16 Sennan City The Center for Archeological Operations of Sennan City.
Aug. 12 Katano City The archaeological site of the Kisabe castle
Aug. 16 Katano City General sports facility of Katano City
Aug. 16 Osakasayama City Osakasayama City ShiminFureainosato
TBD Hannan City Hannann city office
TBD Shimamoto Town TBD
TBD Toyono Town TBD
Aug. 16 Nose Town Jyoruri Theater
Aug. 13 Tadaoka Town tadaoka elementary school
Aug. 16 Kumatori Town Kumatori Commuity Center(RENGAKAN)
Aug. 16 Tajiri Town TBD
Aug. 15 Misaki Town Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center
TBD Taishi Town Taishi town office
Aug. 13 Kanan Town TBD
TBD Chihaya akasaka Village TBD

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Sakai City Osaka Prefectural Center for the Promotion of Exchange for People with Disabilities
Fine Plaza Osaka

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Osaka City TBD

Flame visits