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12 - 14 Aug.

The Okinawa Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival will feature flame lighting in 16 locations throughout the prefecture.

Flame lighting highlights will feature unique lighting methods used in various areas, including Naha City's Arakaki Residence, a traditional Tsuboya ware potter, designated as a national important cultural property; Kayo area in Nago City, where the Olympic Flame was kept overnight during the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964; the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City; and other places that will use Okinawa's sunlight to light the flame.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 12 Naha City Arakaki Residence
Aug. 14 Ginowan City Futenma Shrine
Aug. 14 Ishigaki City Ishigaki city Central Sports Park
Aug. 14 Urasoe City Urasoe city office terrace
Aug. 12 Nago City Olympic cauldron in Kayo
Aug. 12 Itoman City Peace memorial park
Aug. 14 Okinawa City Okinawa city gymnasium
Aug. 13 Tomigusuku City Tomigusuku general park athletics stadium
Aug. 14 Uruma City World Heritage Katsuren-Jo Site
Aug. 14 Miyakojima City Harimizuutaki
Aug. 14 Kin Town Five areas in town block
Aug. 13 Kadena Town Kaneda town sports town
Aug. 13 Chatan Town nirai no sato
Aug. 12 Yonabaru Town Roofing tile works
Aug. 13 Kumejima Town Signal fire rock of Sonami
Aug. 14 Yaese Town Minatogawa Archeological Park

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 14 Naha City Non-public

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 14 Naha City Non-public

Flame visits

No implementation

How to enjoy the Paralympic Torch Relay