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12 - 16 Aug.

For the Niigata Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival, all 30 cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture will carry out flame lighting, after which the flame will be gathered together into one at the Niigata Fureai Plaza in Niigata City, which is the main facility that is aiming to help people with impairments become independent and participate in society, from where it will depart for Tokyo, the host city.

Highlights of the flame lighting will include fire lighting using methods from the Jomon period, as many earthenware vessels with sculptural rims have been unearthed in the prefecture from the Late Jomon period, flame lighting at schools for special needs education and facilities for people with impairments, and flame lighting using a diverse range of unique methods by cities, towns and villages, including the use of fire in traditional performing arts and sparks made during traditional craft production.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Niigata City Niigata Athletic Stadium
Aug. 15 Nagaoka City Umataka Jōmon Museum
Aug. 16 Sanjo City Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo
Aug. 16 Kashiwazaki City Longrun
Niigata Prefectual Children's Natural Kingdom
(Children's Center)
Nishiyama Furusato Koen
Aug. 15 Shibata City Shibata City Hall Fudanotsuji Square
Aug. 15-16 Ojiya City Uonuma Shrine
Aug. 14 Kamo City Kamo Nanatani Hot Spring 'Bijin-no Yu'
Aug. 16 Tokamachi City Tokamachi City General Gymnasium
Aug. 16 Mitsuke City The Magokoro-gakuen care facility
Aug. 15 Murakami City Murakamishimin Fureai center
Aug. 15 Tsubame City Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum
Aug. 16 Itoigawa City Hisui-no-Sato School
Aug. 16 Myoko City Myoko-City General Gymnasium (Haneuma arena) parking lot
Aug. 12 Joetsu City The memorial hall of Japanese ski origination
Aug. 16 Agano City Agano City Hall
Aug. 15 Sado City Ondeko Dome
Aug. 16 Uonuma City Uonuma City Hall
Aug. 15 Minamiuonuma City Osaki Shrine
Aug. 13 Tainai City Kurokawa Oil Field Park, Singleton Memorial Hall
Aug. 14 Seiro Town Seiro welfare workshop
Aug. 15 Yahiko Village Mt.Yahiko Ropeway Summit Square
Aug. 16 Tagami Town Roadside Station Tagami
Aug. 16 Aga Town Kirinzan
Aug. 15 Izumozaki Town Izumozaki Fishing Port
Aug. 16 Yuzawa Town Yuzawa town office front square
Aug. 14 Tsunan Town Tsunan Agriculture and Jomon Experience Museum "Najomon"
Aug. 13 Kariwa Village Kariwa Village Lifelong Learning Center "RAPIKA"
Aug. 16 Sekikawa Village Sekikawa Village Public Hall
Aug. 12 Awashimaura Village "Sakkoi" Community Center

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Niigata city Niigata Fureai Plaza

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Niigata City Niigata Fureai Plaza

Flame visits

Flame visits will be carried out in ten cities in Niigata Prefecture, including Niigata City. The Paralympic flame will be on display in facilities that are frequently visited by many people, such as city eight offices, sports facilities and cultural facilities, to build excitement regarding the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

How to enjoy the Paralympic Torch Relay