Prefecture 11 of 47
12 - 15 Aug.

For the Kanagawa Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival, flame lighting will be carried out in all cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture in accordance with the unique characteristics of each area in order to impart the thoughts of the residents of the prefecture to the Paralympic flame as they seek to realise an inclusive society in Kanagawa.

At the flame gathering and departure ceremonies, which will be held in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, as attendees recite the Kanagawa Charter for an Inclusive Society, the highlight will be when flames that were lit in cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture will be brought together as one flame, which will then be sent off to Tokyo as the Inclusive Society Kanagawa flame.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 13 Yokohama City Kaiko Hiroba Park
Aug. 15 Yokohama City Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Aug. 14 Kawasaki City Todoroki Ryokuchi Park
TBD Sagamihara City TBD
Aug. 15 Yokosuka City TBD
Aug. 14 Hiratsuka City Hiratsuka Sogo Park
Aug. 14 Kamakura City Ofuna-Kannon-ji
Aug. 15 Fujisawa City Fujisawa City Hall Annex Building
Aug. 14 Odawara City Odawara Castle Park
Aug. 13 Chigasaki City Chigasaki School for Children with Disabilities
Aug. 13 Zushi City Zushi Beach east area
TBD Miura City TBD
Aug. 14 Hadano City Hadano City Hall
Aug. 14 Atsugi City Atsugi Chuo Park
Aug. 13 Yamato City Yamato City Hall
Aug. 15 Isehara City Civic Center in Isehara
Aug. 14 Ebina City Ebina Central Park
Aug. 13 Zama City Zama Sunflower Field
Aug. 13 Minamiashigara City DAIYUZAN SAIJOJI
Aug. 14 Ayase City Ayase City Hall
Aug. 13 Hayama City Hayama Town Hall
Aug. 13 Samukawa Town SAMUKAWA Chuokoen
Aug. 14 Oiso Town Oiso Town Hall(Parking)
Aug. 13 Ninomiya Town The University of Tokyo orchard site
Aug. 13 Nakai Town Nakai Chuo Park
Aug. 13 Oi Town "Shiki-no-Sato" Oi Town Agriculture Experiential Facility
TBD Matsuda Town Matsuda Regional Revitalization Base Facility
Aug. 13 Yamakita Town Yamakita Town Hall
Aug. 13 Kaisei Town Ashigari‐go Seto‐yashiki
Aug. 13 Hakone Town Hakone Town Hall
Aug. 13 Manazuru Town Manazuru Town Hall
Aug. 13 Yugawara Town Yugawara Primary School
Aug. 13 Aikawa Town Aikawa Town Hall
Aug. 15 Kiyokawa Village kiyokawa Lifelong Learning Center

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Yokohama City Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 15 Yokohama City Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Flame visits