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12 - 16 Aug.

The Hokkaido Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival will feature flame lighting in 23 cities, towns and villages. The flame gathering ceremony will take place in the Sapporo City, and the Paralympic flame will depart for Host City Tokyo. The highlights of the flame lighting will include a traditional Ainu ritual, local festivals and other original flame-lighting methods.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
TBD Iwamizawa City East Station Plaza
Aug. 12 Fukagawa City Fukagawa City Athletics Field
Aug. 12 Sapporo City The Sapporo City Hall Garden
Aug. 14 Ebetsu City Ebetsu City Gymnasium
Aug. 12 Kitahiroshima City Kitahiroshima City Hall
Aug. 14 Ishikari City Ishikari City Hall
Aug. 12 Tomakomai City Tomakomai City Hall
Aug. 16 Shiraoi Town Shiraoi Ainu Memorial Park
Aug. 15 Abira Town Hayakita Elementary School's gymnasium,located in the town of Abira
Aug. 12 Asahikawa City Kawamura Kaneto Aynu Memorial Hall
Hanasaki Sports Park Athletic Field
Non-public Nayoro City Nayoro Observatory
Aug. 12 Kitami City The Kitami Citizens Skating Rink
Aug. 12 Abashiri City Abashiri Sports/Recreation Center
Aug. 14 Kushiro City Lake Akan Ainu Theater
TBD Noboribetsu City TBD
Aug. 13 Eniwa City Eniwa City Child's Development Support Center
Aug. 12 Tobetsu Town Tobetsu Gymnasium
Non-public Shinshinotsu Village Non-public
Aug. 12 Esashi Town Asunaro Social Welfare Service Corporation
Aug. 14 Kyogoku Town Kyogoku Gymnasium
Aug. 14 Atsuma Town Atsuma Town Karumai Archaeological Site Survey and Arrangement Office
Aug. 12 Mukawa Town Hobetsu Museum

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Sapporo City The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building Front Yard

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Sapporo City The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building Front Yard

Flame visits

An exhibition of the flame visit to Hokkaido will be held at government offices, commercial facilities and various other locations in several cities across the prefecture.

How to enjoy the Paralympic Torch Relay