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12 - 16 Aug.

The Gifu Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival will feature flame lighting in 25 locations throughout the prefecture, followed by a flame gathering ceremony on 14 August in the Nobunaga dream open space of Gifu Station north exit station square, where it will form the Gifu Prefecture flame. The following day (15 August), the Gifu flame will be used for Paralympic flame visits, and on 16 August the flame departure ceremony will be held at the same place as the flame gathering ceremony to send it off to Tokyo.

Highlights of the flame lighting in cities, towns and villages will be the use of unique firelighting methods, including those used for traditional festivals and in the production of specialty products for the area, as well as ancient firelighting methods featuring the use of bow drills, etc.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 13 Gifu City Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
Aug. 12 Ogaki CIty Basho's Oku-no-Hosomichi Haiku Journey Museum
Aug. 13 Takayama City Hiwada Highland Athletic Field
Aug. 13 Kani City a potter workshop
Aug. 13 Seki City Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum
Aug. 14 Nakatsugawa City Tsushima Shrine
Aug. 13 Mino City minotesukiwashinoie kyuufurutakouzoutei
Aug. 12 Mizunami City Sue Yozaemon Kiln
Aug. 12 Hashima City Hashima City Athletic Park
Aug. 13 Ena City Gifu Prefectural Crystal Park Ena Skating Rink
Aug. 13 Toki City Oribenosato Park
Aug. 13 Kakamigahara City Robata Ruins Historical Park
Aug. 13 Kani City Kani-city Family life Plaza mano
Aug. 12 Gujo City Shinsakae town Avenue
Aug. 12 Gero City Koju no Mori
Aug. 13 Kaizu City Kaizu City Budo-kan
Aug. 13 Yoro Town Yoro Park
Aug. 13 Tarui Town Tarui Town Cultural Hall
Aug. 13 Godo Town Hiyoshi Shrine
Aug. 13 Wanouchi Town Wanouchi town Planet Plaza Olympus Mountains
Aug. 12 Anpachi Town Anpachi Town Hikarinosato
Aug. 12 Ibigawa Town Kegonji Temple
Aug. 13 Ono Town No-kofungun(Ancient tombs)
Aug. 13 Ikeda Town Hagatani Sinmei Shrine
Aug. 13 Yaotsu Town the hill of humanity monument in yaotsu
Aug. 12 Mitake Town B&G Marine Center Gymnasium

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 14 Gifu City Nobunaga dream open space of Gifu Station north exit station square

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 16 Gifu City Nobunaga dream open space of Gifu Station north exit station square

Flame visits

The Gifu Prefecture Paralympic flame will be displayed in the open space of Gifu Station north exit station square on 15 August, after which it will be taken to a number of prefectural social welfare facilities throughout the prefecture. After flame lighting, the flame will also be put on display in facilities in some cities, towns and villages in the prefecture.