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18 Aug.

*Lighting ceremonies will be held at departure ceremony sites instead of the torch relay on public road in the prefecture.

* The relay route, the municipalities where the Torch Relay will travel through and their order, the location of the Flame Celebration and any other information provided above are subject to change.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 18 Chiba City Special historical sites Kasori Shell Mounds
Aug. 18 Choshi City Aozora-Misaki
Aug. 18 Ichikawa City Ichikawa City Hall
Aug. 18 Funabashi City Funabashi City Hall
Aug. 18 Tateyama City Tateyama City Hall
Aug. 18 Kisarazu City In front of Kisarazu City Hall Ekimae office
Aug. 18 Matsudo City Matsudo Central Park
Aug. 18 Noda City Noda City Hall
Aug. 18 Mobara City Mobara City Hall
Aug. 18 Narita City Naritasan Shinsho-ji
Aug. 18 Sakura City Sakura City Hall
Aug. 18 Togane City Togane Arena
Aug. 18 Asahi City Asahi Sports Forest Park
Aug. 18 Narashino City Hananomi-en Welfare Service Business Establishment
for People with Disabilities
Aug. 18 Kashiwa City Kashiwa City Hall
Aug. 18 Katsuura City Isumi School for Special Needs Education
Aug. 18 Ichihara City Kokubunji Central Park (Giombara Shell Mounds)
Aug. 18 Nagareyama City Kikkoman Arena
Aug. 18 Yachiyo City Yachiyo City Hall The front of Peace Monument
Aug. 18 Abiko City Abiko City Hall
Aug. 18 Kamogawa City Saijyo Elementary School
Aug. 18 Kamagaya City Karuizawa Kamagaya City
Aug. 18 Kimitsu City Kimitsu City Hall
Aug. 18 Futtsu City Futtsu City Hall
Aug. 18 Urayasu City Urayasu City Higashino District Welfare Facility
(Higashino Patio)
Aug. 18 Yotsukaido City Yotsukaido Comprehensive Park
Aug. 18 Sodegaura City Comprehensive Sports Park
Aug. 18 Yachimata City Yachimata City Sports Plaza
Aug. 18 Inzai City Inzai City Hall
Aug. 18 Shiroi City Shiroi City Hall
Aug. 18 Tomisato City Tomisato Central Park Baseball Field
Aug. 18 Sosa City Sosa City Hall
Aug. 18 Minamiboso City Minamiboso City Tomiyama Multipurpose Athletic Field
Aug. 18 Katori City Katori City Hall
Aug. 18 Sammu City Naruto Cultural Center Nogiku Plaza
Aug. 18 Isumi City Isumi School for Special Needs Education
Aug. 18 Oamishirasato City Oamishirasato City Hall
Aug. 18 Shisui Town Chuo-dai Public Land
Aug. 18 Sakae Town Sakae Town Hall
Aug. 18 Kozaki Town Kozaki Town Hall
Aug. 18 Tako Town Tako Town Gymnasium
Aug. 18 Tonosho Town Tonosho Elementary School
Aug. 18 Kujukuri Town Kujukuri Town Central public hall
Aug. 18 Shibayama Town Shibayama Town Welfare Center "Yasuragi-no-Sato"
Aug. 18 Yokoshibahikari Town Community Activity Support Center "Tanpopo"
Aug. 18 Ichinomiya Town Ichinomiya Town Hall
Aug. 18 Mutsuzawa Town Mutsuzawa Town Hall
Aug. 18 Chosei Village Hitotsumatsukoubou
Aug. 18 Shirako Town Shirako Town Hall
Aug. 18 Nagara Town Nagara Town Hall
Aug. 18 Chonan Town Chonan Town Hall
Aug. 18 Otaki Town Isumi School for Special Needs Education
Aug. 18 Onjuku Town Isumi School for Special Needs Education
Aug. 18 Kyonan Town Kyonan Town Hall

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 18 Ichihara City Ichihara Suporeku Park

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
Aug. 18 Chiba City The square in front of Chiba Port Tower

A city coming together under a single prefectural flame

  • Ichihara City

*Flame visits *

Flames collected by the municipalities in their own way, as well as "Chiba Flames" collected in the prefecture, will visit several locations in the prefecture.

Places of interest in Chiba

For the Chiba Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival, all 54 cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture will carry out a flame lighting using their own unique method. All the flames will then be combined as one at the flame gathering ceremony which will be held at "Ichihara Suporeku Park", a sports facility with an excellent global reputation that is frequently used as a training camp by overseas sports teams and delegations participating in international competitions.

The Torch Relay will then will take place in Chiba City, a competition venue for the Paralympic Games, followed by the departure ceremony where the flame will be sent off to Host City Tokyo. With many people including young children, students and people with an impairment participating, the regional flame celebrations and Torch Relay will give everyone an opportunity to think about diversity and a fully-inclusive society.

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Paralympic Torch Relay Videos and Photos

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