Offer of “Role and Venue”

There are now only four months to go until the Tokyo 2020 Games!

As we informed you at the Field Cast General Training session, Tokyo 2020 is now sending you a “Role and Venue” offer, after we conducted the volunteer application review (matching) process.

Please refer to “My Page” and choose “Accept” or “Reject” by the deadline mentioned in the email

Accepting the “Role and Venue” means that we would like to assign you as a member of the Field Cast. On the other hand, please be aware that a rejection or a no response to this assignment may result in an unsuccessful match to a Games-time role as we may not be able to send you another offer in the future.

Accepting or rejecting “Role and Venue”

  • The process of acceptance or rejection should be done on “My Page”.
  • A rejection or providing no response to this offer may result in an unsuccessful match to a Games-time role.
  • Please be aware that your decision to accept or reject your assignment cannot be retracted or changed once made.
  • The specific details of your role will be communicated to you during the training period allocated for your role. Specific details cannot be provided prior to this time, as roles will be assigned and divided based on the sport, venue, etc.
  • Those who wish to be involved for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games will receive two notifications if they are accepted for both of Games. (Some wishing to be involved with both of the Games may only receive notification for one.)

Please beware of phishing and other cyber crime sites

There are an increasing number of incidents where users are directed to fraudulent websites by clicking on a link contained in an email or a social media site.

Please make sure not to accidentally access a fraudulent website on the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer My Page . We recommend that you access your My Page from this website or bookmark the My Page URL (Japanese only).