Tokyo 2020 Volunteer Programme – support for users with a visual impairment starts today

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today began offering support for those with a visual impairment who wish to apply to the Volunteer Programme.

Tokyo 2020 began accepting applications for the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Programme on 26 September 2018, and now the programme has been made easier for applicants with a visual impairment. We will extend the application deadline by around a month for those users, to allow for any delays and to ensure they are not at a disadvantage.

Application procedure

For applicants who use speech recognition software, we will assist them with the following procedure. English language support is also available.

  1. Applicants will contact Tokyo 2020 by email.
    Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Office
    Email: contact-center(at)
    *The email address has been formatted to avoid spam. Please replace "(at)" in the above address with the @ symbol.
  2. Tokyo 2020 will send the file “Application form for those with a visual impairment” which will be readable using text-to-speech software by email.
  3. The applicant will complete the form and return it to Tokyo 2020 by email.
  4. Tokyo 2020 staff will enter the applicant’s data into the online application form on their behalf. Tokyo 2020 will then advise the applicant by email that the input of their data has been completed.
  5. After receiving the email, the applicant will carry out all remaining required procedures on the Tokyo 2020 website in order to complete their application registration. The website incorporates voice activation functionality to facilitate this.