OCOG and Other Entities Budget (V2)

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) has unveiled an updated overall budget for the Tokyo 2020 Games showing a significant reduction in costs.

The updated overall Games budget now totals USD 12.6 billion (JPY1.35 trillion), a reduction of USD 1.4 billion (JPY 150 billion) compared to version one of the budget, and USD 0.3 billion (JPY 35 billion) less than the interim figure indicated in the “Overall Division of Roles and Allocation of Costs” agreement reached in May 2017 between Tokyo 2020, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), the Japanese Government and local governments of cities and prefectures hosting events.

As before, the budget comprises two main elements – the “OCOG” budget, which is the responsibility of Tokyo 2020, and the “Other Entities” budget, covering expenditure by TMG and the Japanese Government. The latter includes investment in sporting facilities and other social infrastructure aligned with Tokyo's hosting of the Games which will continue to benefit the city well beyond 2020. The OCOG budget now stands at USD 5.6 billion (JPY 600 billion) and the Other Entities budget now totals USD 7.0 billion (JPY 750 billion).

Tokyo 2020 remains on track to deliver an unforgettable experience for athletes and fans alike. Together with its delivery partners, Tokyo 2020 will look into further cost–reduction measures to help deliver a sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will continue to make efforts to ensure that investments in the Games will help bring positive societal change.

OCOG Budget (V2)


Items Amount
IOC Contribution USD 0.8b
TOP Sponsorship USD 0.5b
Local Sponsorship USD 2.9b
Licensing USD 0.1b
Ticket sales USD 0.8b
Others USD 0.3b
Expected additional revenue USD 0.2b


Items Amount
Temporary/Overlay USD 0.9b
Energy USD 0.1b
Subtotal (Venue-related budget) USD 1.0b
Transport USD 0.2b
Security USD 0.2b
Technology USD 0.7b
Games operation USD 0.9b
General affairs/Communication USD 0.6b
Marketing USD 1.2b
Others USD 0.4b
Contingency USD 0.4b
Subtotal (Service budget) USD 4.6b

* Unit: billion USD / 1 USD = 107 JPY

Reference : OCOG and Other Entities Budget (V2)

Items OCOG Other entities Total
Permanent USD 3.2b USD 3.2b
Temporary/Overlay USD 0.9b USD 2.1b USD 3.0b
Energy USD 0.1b USD 0.3b USD 0.4b
Subtotal (Venue-related budget) USD 1.0b USD 5.6b USD 6.6b
Transport USD 0.2b USD 0.2b USD 0.5b
Security USD 0.2b USD 0.8b USD 0.9b
Technology USD 0.7b USD 0.3b USD 1.0b
Games operation USD 0.9b USD 0.1b USD 1.0b
General affairs/Communication USD 0.6b USD 0b USD 0.6b
Marketing USD 1.2b USD 0b USD 1.2b
Others USD 0.8b USD 0b USD 0.8b
Subtotal (Service budget) USD 4.6b USD 1.4b USD 6.0b
TOTAL USD 5.6b USD 7.0b USD 12.6b

* Unit: billion USD / 1 USD = 107 JPY
Note: USD 1.0 - 2.8 billion of contingency is estimated separately, similarly to V1 budget.

Reference : Current Status of the Division of Roles (V2 Budget)

Items OCOG TMG Government of Japan Total
Permanent 2.1b 1.1b 3.2b
Temporary/Overlay 0.9b 2.0b 0.2b 4.4b
Energy 0.1b 0.2b
Technology 0.7b 0.3b
Subtotal (Venue-related budget) 1.7b
Transport 0.2b 0.2b 0.1b 5.0b
Security 0.2b 0.7b
Games operation 0.9b 0.1b
General affairs/Communication 0.6b 0b
Marketing 1.2b 0b
Others 0.8b 0b
TOTAL 5.6b

* Unit: billion USD / 1 USD = 107 JPY

Note 1: USD 1.0 – 2.8 billion of contingency is estimated separately, similarly to V1 budget.

Note 2 : Figures in brackets represent Paralympic Games costs.