Tokyo 2020 Flower Lane project to welcome spectators with Japanese-style hospitality

Tokyo 2020 Flower Lane Project to Welcome Spectators with Japanese-style Hospitality

Spectators to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will receive a very warm and colourful welcome during the Games – with flowers!

Tokyo 2020 Flower Lane – a project from the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – will greet visitors with flower displays in true Japanese-style hospitality. The actual seed-planting will be carried out by schoolchildren across Japanese prefectures hosting Olympic and Paralympic events.

Stop and smell the flowers

Months before the Games, Japanese schoolchildren will plant seeds and grow flowers to replace traditional partitions in Games' venues. Once they are in full bloom, they will serve as attractive natural barriers in pedestrian screening areas. This initiative will foster a truly celebratory environment evoking the spirit of Tokyo 2020.

Best of all, the pupils will attach personal messages which visitors can read whilst enjoying the sight of flowers before catching up on all the action during the Games.

Executive director of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee's Security Bureau Tsuyoshi Iwashita said: “With this initiative we intend to project the hospitality that emanates from the hearts of children. When we talked to people who were elementary school students at the time of the Tokyo 1964 Games, we often heard they have vivid memories of that time. I believe that when children who participate in this project become adults, they will look back on their cultivation of these flowers with pride.”

Fujisawa schoolchildren participate in Flower Lane trial

As part of the Tokyo 2020 Flower Lane project, around 100 students from three elementary schools in Fujisawa city in Japan have attended a seed-planting activity today to sow ipomoea nil (Japanese Morning Glory) seeds. Seed-planting classes are also a regular part of the Japanese elementary school curriculum

“I hope that visitors from other countries will also enjoy seeing our Japanese Morning Glory flowers while waiting to enter venues," fifth-grader Sorato Koimaru said.


More than 40,000 flowers grown by schoolchildren are to be deployed in different Tokyo 2020 venues. Volunteers will take care of these flowers during Games-time.

Tokyo 2020 have also discussed plans to invite nursery schools, elementary schools and special support schools to participate in this project, which is supported by Earth Corporation and other local authorities.

After the Games, the flowers may be returned to their prospective schools or donated to volunteers and Games officials as mementos.