Stakeholders can now submit their radio spectrum application


The Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today (1 February 2019) started accepting radio spectrum applications from stakeholders who wish to use radio equipment during the Tokyo 2020 Games.

A license is required to operate radio equipment in Japan. For the Tokyo 2020 Games, Tokyo 2020 will obtain such licenses on behalf of the stakeholders and will coordinate the spectra to ensure that radio equipment can be used without harmful interference.

Even if users already have a license to operate radio equipment in Japan, they are required to obtain authorisation from Tokyo 2020 in advance to use radio equipment at the Tokyo 2020 Games venues. Stakeholders are requested to minimise their use of radio equipment because the assigning of radio spectra is extremely difficult in the host city Tokyo.

Please refer to the Spectrum Application Guide for more details.

Spectrum Application Guide

In order to deliver a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020 will continue to collaborate with the stakeholders and coordinate the spectra to ensure that the radio system functions efficiently during the Tokyo 2020 Games.