Social media's best bits: From water weights to bouncy ponytails

Nikita Ducarroz of Switzerland competes in Hiroshima, Japan.
Nikita Ducarroz of Switzerland competes in Hiroshima, Japan.

Every week, Tokyo 2020 will bring you the best sport posts from the social media world. This week, take a look at how athletes are keeping fit and returning to training

Training hard 🎾

Japan's NISHIKORI Kei was out training again this week and shared this video from a session.

Is that a plane? Is that a bird? ✈️

In late June, British gymnast Joe Fraser returned to training and has started re-building towards Tokyo 2020. However, the 2019 world parallel bars champion shared a positive message for those who are still training at home.

"...stay positive, everything you are doing/have done at home makes the transition back so much easier! Continue your great work it won’t be long now."

You don’t Stan a chance

Two-time Grand Slam winner Gabine Muguruza now has bragging rights over Switzerland's Stan Wawrinka after she won a point against him in a training session.

Build it yourself 🔧

Can't go to an equestrian arena? Well, modern pentathlete Ed Fernon, who will represent Australia next year in Tokyo, decided to build his own.

We're looking forward to seeing it in action!

Easing back into training

For nearly a month now, India’s elite athletes have been eased into some training a couple of hours each day in Patiala and Bangalore. It comes after nearly a three month lockdown in the nation.

Karate training session 🥋

Head coach of Vietnamese women's kata team Nguyen Hoang Ngan has shared her techniques during a training session.

Big in Japan

BMX Freestyle rider Nikita Ducarroz who is representing Switzerland has taken a break from her gruelling training to daydream about Japan.

Bouncy ponytail 🏃‍♀️

Two-time Paralympian Dutch sprinter Marlou van Rhijn is so happy to be back in the gym. And you can see it all in her perfect bouncy ponytail.

Water weights

Japan's TANAKA Mitsuya, who is aiming to represent her home nation in Para taekwondo, is using a big bottle of water in place of real weights, whilst doing a #KickingatHome video.

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