The JOC and TMG Successfully host the IOC/Tokyo 2020 Orientation Seminar

The JOC and TMG Successfully host the  IOC/Tokyo 2020 Orientation Seminar

The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) successfully concluded the two-day IOC/Tokyo 2020 - Orientation Seminar on 14-15 November.

The first day (14) of the seminar mainly consisted of the IOC Executive Director for the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli and his colleagues from the IOC discussing the Organising Committee's key milestones, important points to consider during the transition phase, and in addition, they laid out the framework of partnership that will guide preparations for the next seven years and outlined some best practices from previous Games. Mr. Felli also touched on the importance of crystallizing the Games vision quickly and sharing this with all those involved to ensure the establishment of a cohesive team amongst all principle representatives for a smooth Games operation.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) CEO Xavier Gonzalez presented the general overview of organising a Paralympic Games, and also emphasised the fact that Tokyo will become the first city to ever host a Paralympic Games twice.

The second day (15) consisted of fewer people owing to the IOC's request. Keeping in mind key learnings from the previous day, spirited discussions among all participants took place.

IOC Executive Director for the Olympic Games Gilbert Felli said: "We are excited to be here, so soon after Tokyo was awarded the right to host the 2020 Games, and to see the early progress made by the local organisers. Organising the Olympic Games is a complex undertaking, which requires great teamwork and a strong partnership from those involved, so we were pleased with the high level of commitment from all the seminar's participants. This orientation seminar has enabled us to lay the foundation for the future and to build upon the transfer of knowledge that Tokyo has already benefited from during the bid process."

Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) President Tsunekazu Takeda said: "The seminar covered a wide range of topics and was immensely helpful in enabling us to deepen our understanding of exactly what role will be expected of Organising Committee and the specific tasks it will be required to undertake.

"The seminar was attended by some 200 participants and, judging by the questions raised during the seminar and the initial feedback I have already received, I am sure that we all learned a great deal about the complexities and challenges of organising an event as enormous and prestigious as the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Gilbert Felli and his fellow members of the IOC delegation for their meticulous planning of the seminar and for pointing out the various potential pitfalls. Our discussions with the IOC team were extremely productive and we are looking forward with renewed motivation, determination and enthusiasm to working closely with the IOC and all concerned members of the Olympic Family to ensure that Tokyo delivers a Games that will take its place in the long and distinguished history of the Olympic Movement."