First coordination meeting for COVID-19 countermeasures at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020


The above meeting took place on 4 September. It was chaired by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary SUGITA Kazuhiro, representing the Government of Japan, and incorporated a comprehensive review of COVID-19 countermeasures. The meeting was also attended by other representatives of the Government of Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo 2020.

The conference was also attended by JOC and JPC members, with infectious disease experts joining as advisors. Tokyo 2020 CEO MUTO Toshiro participated as one of the vice chairmen of the conference, with other Tokyo 2020 directors also in attendance. From the JOC, Secretary General FUKUI Tsuyoshi joined, with the JPC represented by Chairman KAWAI Junichi.

At this meeting, we discussed the current status of measures being taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and the issues that will need to be addressed in the future. We will now be reviewing in detail the issues likely to affect athletes, officials and spectators (in that order of priority) at each stage of their travels before, during and after the Games. We aim to complete our review by the end of the year. We subsequently plan to review measures related to the entry of the athletes to Japan.

Cooperation between the IOC, IPC and the international federations will be indispensable when it comes to managing athletes’ movements and activities, which will in turn be an essential part of containing any infections. We will continue our close collaboration with all relevant organisations.