Waste sorting guide at Games venues

Garbage must be separated by five types

Here is a guide that will help you understand how to separate your garbage at competition venues.

Why do you need to separate your garbage?

At the Tokyo 2020 Games, we aim to avoid wasting resources. With plastics now a huge global issue, it is important to avoid using unnecessary items as much as possible and to recycle used items. For example, paper, plastic and plastic bottles can be recycled to make new products. That's why it is important to separate your garbage upon disposal.

Disposal instructions on the waste bin

There are the following five types of displays on waste bins. Make sure to segregate your garbage accordingly.

Segregate your garbage by the following five types to help us recycle:

  1. Plastics
  2. Plastic bottles
  3. Paper cups and containers
  4. Leftover drinks
  5. Food waste, tissue and chopsticks

Point 1: Do not mix different items in one bag when disposing your garbage

In order to recycle, disposed items must be sorted by type. If you put different items in a single bag, it becomes impossible to separate and recycle. Make sure to separate your garbage by type before disposal.

Do not put garbage in one bag. Separate and dispose.

Point 2: Separate plastic waste

Plastic that is separated and collected is crushed into small pieces at the recycling facility. They are then cleansed and sorted by types of plastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. The plastics are then transformed into recycled products.

Plastic waste such as candy wrapping should be discarded in waste bins labelled as "plastic".

Point 3: Separate paper cups and paper plates (paper containers)

Paper cups and paper plates (containers) are recycled as toilet paper.

Paper cups and paper plates should be discarded in the waste bins labelled as "paper"

Do not throw away leftover drinks, food, used tissue or chopsticks in the "paper" waste bins.

It’s easy to separate garbage

Begin separation when items are on hand. A little effort goes a long way, and it will be easier to separate and dispose of waste by type. It usually becomes crowded after a competition finishes, so we recommend you to get rid of any garbage before leaving the premises.