Sustainability Report

Initiatives designed to ensure the sustainability of the Tokyo 2020 Games are being carried out based on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sustainability Plan.

Those efforts will be detailed in sustainability reports.

Each report will offer specific information with a focus on Tokyo 2020’s initiatives characterising respective phases through preparations for and delivery of the Games.

Sustainability Pre-Games Report

The Pre-Games Report details preparations being made to create sustainable Games, focusing on activities in 2019.With the one-year postponement of the Games, we created an Update Report to report on activities not covered in the already published Pre-Games Report.

Formulated in July 2021

Formulated in April 2020

The Assurance Statement related to GHG Emissions Inventory (page 49) in the Sustainability Pre-Games Reoprt is as follows.

Sustainability Progress Report

The Progress Report focuses on progress in initiatives of the Tokyo 2020 Games main sustainability themes, procurement, and venue development primarily during 2018.

Formulated in March 2019