The Result of READY STEADY TOKYO - Canoe (Sprint)

12-15 Sep 2019

Venue: Sea Forest Waterway

Canoe (Sprint)

Men's Kayak Single(MK1)200m

Men's Kayak Single(MK1)1000m

Men's Kayak Double(MK2)1000m

Men's Canoe Single(MC1)1000m

Men's Canoe Double(MC2)1000m

Women's Kayak Single(WK1)200m

Women's Kayak Single(WK1)500m

Women's Kayak Double(WK2)500m

Women's Canoe Single(WC1)200m

Women's Canoe Double(WC2)500m


Men's Kayak(MKL1)200m

Men's Kayak(MKL2)200m

Men's Kayak(MKL3)200m

Men's Va'a(MVL2)200m

Men's Va'a(MVL3)200m

Women's Kayak(WKL1)200m

Women's Kayak(WKL2)200m

Women's Kayak(WKL3)200m

Women's Va'a(WVL2)200m

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