Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters

Since the early 20th century, posters have been created by Organising Committees of the Olympic Games to promote and advertise this major sporting and cultural event. Olympic posters also play the role of showcasing the special features of each Games to the world.

Recently, official posters have been created by internationally-renowned artists and designers aimed at leaving cultural and artistic legacies for the individual Olympic and Paralympic Games. These posters include works that are now regarded as iconic.

For the Tokyo 2020 Games, artists will create works based on the theme of the Olympic or Paralympic Games and use them as posters to build momentum in the period leading up to the Games.

Olympic Summer Games Posters from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016

Posters for the Olympics

Posters for the Paralympics

Artist Selection Committee members

As of December 2019
Masanori Aoyagi Chairman, Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
Chairman of Board of Directors, Tama Art University
Director General, Archaeogical Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture
Emeritus Professor, the University of Tokyo
Yuji Akimoto Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
Director and Professor of the University Arts Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director, Nerima Art Museum
Sumiko Imai Member of Tokyo 2020 Advisory Meeting
Environmental Designer
Hiroshi Imanaka Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
President, Social Welfare Foundation SOOHKAI
Creative Director, Atelier Incurve
Teiya Iwabuchi Editor in Chief of BIJUTSUTECHO
Noriko Kawakami Design Journalist
Mineko Orisaku Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission Photographer, Professor, Osaka University of Arts
Tsuyoshi Tane Architect Founder, Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects
Tomoko Yabumae Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo