Flow from the first screening to the final screening | TOKYO 2020 Open Innovation Challenge

There will be two screenings: the first screening and the final screening


  • Application Period: 4 September - 27 October 2019 (deadline extended)
  • First Screening: 28 October - 1 November 2019
  • Notice of first screening Results: 2 November 2019
  • Training: 9 November 2019
  • Final screening: 22 February 2020

*There is a possibility that the schedule may be modified.

Judging criteria

Creativity & Innovativeness Is it an idea that can surprise and impress people based on ideas that are not bound by existing concepts?
Usefulness & Valuableness Is it worth making the urban sports viewing experience easier to understand, more fun, and more interesting, and to make it happen in the future?
Feasibility Are there specific methods for realizing ideas and policies for problem solving, and are technical feasibility guaranteed?
UX/UI Design Is it simple, intuitive, and does it have a UX/UI design that anyone can easily use?
Technical Progressiveness & Scalability Does it have the scalability and flexibility to capture innovative and technical perspectives and be more widely used?

First screening

The first Screening will be a paper-based evaluation. The jury will evaluate the proposal attached to the application form and select the finalists (and/or groups) who will advance to the next stage. For details about the proposal, please refer to 'How to Apply'.

*The first screening will be assessed by a jury panel composed of Tokyo 2020, Alibaba Cloud and Intel.

*The participants (including groups) who pass the first screening will be announced on the Tokyo 2020 Official website.

Technical support to the developers who pass the first screening

Participants (including groups) who pass the first screening will be invited to take part in a training programme to learn about the Alibaba Cloud environment and the Intel AI products on 9 November. The contest organiser will provide the necessary assets (Alibaba Cloud environment, Intel AI product, sport data).
The details of the training will be explained separately to all those who pass the first screening. The training will take place in Tokyo, and the programme will be in a lecture format conducted in Japanese. We will provide the video taken at the training for those who have difficulty attending the training and an English training document will be made available for those who require training in English.

Period for development and preparation

The participants (including groups) who pass the first screening will be required to develop a prototype based on the proposal they submitted. There will be no special working space provided by the contest organisers.

The participants (including groups) will be required to put an execution file and any other software necessary to view the developed programme on Alibaba Cloud no later than five days prior to the final screening.

Final screening

  • Technical confirmation before the final screening
    To make sure of the technical reliability and authenticity, we will run the programme on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Final screening
    At the final screening, participants will be asked to give a presentation about the prototype they developed. Details on the final presentation will be provided to all participants who pass the first screening.

Members of the jury of the final screening

Yasuo Miki, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Tokyo 2020

Chen Chen, Lead Architect, Alibaba Cloud Japan

Takanari Matsuda, Technology Director, Olympic Program Office, Intel

Special Jury Members

Takeshi Natsuno

Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee Consultant

Yuki Ota

Japanese Fencing Federation President/International Fencing Federation Vice-President/Japan Urban Sports Support Committee Vice-President

Yoshihiko Kato

Data Stadium Inc President