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Online Event /Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture

Outline of the event

■ MAZEKOZE Island Tour

Date : Sunday, 22 August

Venue: To be held online (URL for the live stream is as follows.).

*While all possible COVID-19 countermeasures will be taken, the event may be cancelled or their content changed depending on the COVID-19 situation.

(12 July, 2021 Updated)

■Our Glorious Future ~KANAGAWA2021~

From here, a new chapter begins

Everyone is unique and has a different story to tell.
The unique stories of people who gather, interact, connect and co-create
will unite all people and present a new chapter
that will leave a legacy for future generations.
“MAZEKOZE Island Tour”
Featuring art and musical performances by artists and entertainers with their own unique qualities and circumstances, including diverse genders, ages, nationalities and abilities/impairments.
Explore the islands where these various qualities connect, mix and mesh, and experience other people’s uniqueness.
It is a journey that lets us realise the serenity of a coexistent society. This “MAZEKOZE Island Tour” will also allow viewers to recognise that no two people are exactly the same. It is a mesmerising tale toward new beginnings, chance meetings, and echoes to realise a society of harmonious coexistence..
About the Production of “MAZEKOZE Island Tour”

Upon this relaunch of the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival, we are honoured to have Ms Chizuru Azuma, who is an actor and has been involved in social outreach for nearly 30 years, as the General Coordinator, Theatre Director and Executive Producer of this project.
Ms Chizuru Azuma is also dedicated to her work as the director of the General Incorporated Association Get in touch –– an association that pursues a “Mazekoze (mixed and meshed) society” in which no one is excluded –– creating artwork, music, stage performances and film productions.
©Production Pao Inc.

Chizuru Azuma

General Coordinator, General Director, and Executive Producer

Actor, Director of General Incorporated Association Get in Touch and native of Hiroshima Prefecture.

Azuma worked in an office before stepping into the entertainment industry. She has since taken on a variety of positions, from acting roles in dramas to appearing as a commentator on infotainment programmes, serving as a moderator or lecturer in events, and even publishing her own books. In her private life, she has volunteered with bone marrow banks, Peace Village International in Germany, art projects with and by people with impairments and more for the past 29 years.

In October of 2012, she founded the General Incorporated Association “Get in Touch” with the goal of using art, music, videos, stage performance and more to build a “MAZEKOZE (mixed and meshed) Society” where everyone can live as themselves, and no one is excluded. She planned, conducted interviews for and produced her own documentary film, Watashi wa Watashi (I am me) ~over the rainbow~ which was first screened in 2017. Her many writings include Watashi wa naze counselling wo uketanoka~”Ii hito, yameta!” Haha to musume no chosen (Why I Sought Counselling: “I Quit Being a Good Person!” A Mother & Daughter’s Challenge), the true story of her counselling sessions with her mother, as well as Life, an essay brimming with messages about the various meanings of the word “life” as well as society.


People always say they “aim” to realise a society of harmonious coexistence or a diverse society, but using the word “aim” is strange to begin with. That is to say, actually, we are already living together, in coexistence and diversity. We already have our “MAZEKOZE (mixed and meshed) Society.” However, in reality, many people find it hard to live because their unique qualities are not understood or not respected. How could one not realise that someone is hurting, even though they are right next to them? Perhaps, we think we understand the concept of human rights in our minds, but we cannot feel that it is connected to our lives.

That is why this time, I have decided to plan, coordinate, cast and direct a video that allows viewers to better visualise and experience coexistence and diversity. The production of this work could even be called the culmination of my social activities over the past 29 years. Of course, it is still entertainment! Above all, Please feel free to simply enjoy it.

I hope this will become a jumping-off point for people to exchange their thoughts with others, think for a moment, take action, and leap heartily over the hurdles of society. I would like to join hands with everyone as we work to build a tolerant, balanced society where the terms “coexistence” and “diversity” are no longer exceptional but expected.

Event Overview

A new (individual) story begins from here.
MAZEKOZE Island Tour
You can find behind-the-scenes information etc.

Date & Time:

22 August, 2021 (Sun) starting at 4pm (Online streaming is planned)

Participating artists (artists may change) :

Ayaka Hirahara (musician), Yoshio Kojima (comedian), Tetsuya Kajiwara (drummer), Yuji Mitsuya (voice actor/creative), Dump Matsumoto (female professional wrestler), Leslie Kee (photographer/director), Mame Yamada (Japan‘s smallest magician), Shigeki Kiyono (announcer), Takashi Matsunaga (pianist/Composer), Durian Lollobrigida (drag queen), GOMESS (rapper), Sascha (radio DJ/TV personality), Kohichi Omae (dancer with with a physical impairment), Aozora Ouendan (member of the cheering team), Hiroko Igeta (puppet designer), Asodog (comedian), The Marionette Troupe ISSHI-ZA (Ito Ayatsuri Puppet Theatre Company), Naoki Ebisawa (accordion player), Mikoe Okubo (theatre company member), Hiroe Ohashi (director/actor), Osaka Prefectural Tomioka High School Dance Club, Hideki Onoue (shamisen player), Fukuten Katsura (blind storyteller), Shoko Kanazawa (calligrapher with Down’s Syndrome), Kenta Kambara (wheelchair-bound dancer), Hitonomori Ketchup (theatrical company), Hitomi Goto (small-sized model/actor), Soushin Kouyoushi (dancer with autism), Hirari Sato (blind singer-songwriter), Sanika & Minori (dancer), Samurai Cafe (SAMURAI performance group), Kiyotaka Suzuki (dancer/choreographer), Kazuto Sugita (hair and makeup artist), DAICHAN (dancer), chiku-chiku Kayo Noguchi (embroidery artist), chibiMOEKO (dwarf burlesque dancer), Dokkoisho Tai (dancer with Down’s Syndrome), Hiroaki Nakatsugawa (artist), Keita Nishigaki (fighting fiddler), Ken Nozawa (actor), BABI & Kaie (fashion artist), Funk-a-Baby (Tap dancer), Mari Fujihira (dancer/choreographer), Pretty Ohta(professional wrestler of short stature), Kazuyo Morita (dancer/actor), Kenta Morimoto (composer/guitarist), Mr. Buttaman (professional wrestler of short stature), David Yano (musician/actor/model/MC), Michael Yano (singer-songwriter/rapper), Sanshiro Yano (singer-songwriter/dancer/pharmacist), Yui (female/male voices singer songwriter), Yosuke (taiko drummer/stage artist), Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. sense (artist), Peter Frankl (mathematician/street performer), Chizuru Azuma (actor)

Our Glorious Future

Cutting-edge artists in each field of culture and art with a connection to Kanagawa Prefecture, with the theme “towards an inclusive society.” They will stream a dance programme, theatre, media art, craft works and music performance from the Momijigaoka Cultural Zone etc. that will be broadcast to the world.

*"Momijigaoka Cultural Zone", which was designed by Kunio Maekawa, is an area featuring culture and art comprised of a cultural centre (Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall, Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Centre and Kanagawa Prefectural Library) and other neighbourhood facilities.

Our Glorious Future - KANAGAWA 2021 -

Streaming schedule:

Videos will be available from the end of August.

How the event will be held:


Our Glorious Future ~KANAGAWA 2021~

Dance section direction:

Kaiji Moriyama

The Future of Dance:

LIVE BONE collaborated with Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall

The Future of Dance:

LIVE BONE collaborated with OMAE Koichi

Theatre section direction:

Junnosuke Tada

“A Project of Knowing, Doing, Changing, Being and Dancing”

A ceremonial document of being and dancing “Once Obon a Time”

Media arts section curation:

Haruka Fujikawa

Craft works:

Masahiro Maeda

Music performance:

Kifu Mitsuhashi, SalsaGumtape

*The participating artists etc., will be announced on Kanagawa prefecture’s official website and the special website of ONE as they are added to the lineup.


Kanagawa Prefectural Government

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall (C)Ryo Hata