People involved | Rediscover Tohoku - MOCCO's Journey from Tohoku to Tokyo


This program will be held with thorough measures against infectious diseases in order to convey the present situation in Tohoku.

Michihiko Yanai

Creative Director

Dr. Satoshi Kutsuna

Medical Director

(COVID-19 Countermeasure)

National Center for Global Health and Medicine

Japan is under the threat of COVID-19 as of 2021.

I hope to help in making the event possible and MOCCO to meet the people of Tohoku without being hindered by the COVID-19. 

I'm honored to take part in the event.

Mocco will be brought to life through collaboration with children from the Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, as well as a range of other people.

Noriyuki Sawa @ Rzeszów International Puppet Festival, May 21, 2019 (conditions: raining)
Noriyuki Sawa @ Rzeszów International Puppet Festival, May 21, 2019 (conditions: raining)

Noriyuki Sawa

Puppeteer, puppet maker

Puppet Design Puppet Creation & Performance Supervisor


"I am currently on tour with my fellow performers in Europe. We worked late into the night on preparations in Poland and tomorrow is the day of our performance — but I keep thinking about Mocco. Staff members also keep asking me about what is happening with “the plan for the massive puppet.” I tell them that all over Japan people will give their best to bring joy to friends in Tohoku."

Kankuro Kudo

Name: Mocco

Scriptwriter, director, actor


"The local dialect where I was born in Miyagi includes the word “Odazumokko”, which refers to a popular person who is lively and mischievous. An example sentence is “the only son of the family who run the stationery shop has always been an incorrigible odazumokko, but he’s made it to Tokyo and is doing shows there.” The word “mokko” originates from a word for a carrying basket, so we used this word for Mocco to express that he travels bearing people’s thoughts and ideas."

Ryoji Arai

Picture book creator, illustrator

Base Design Worldview


"Mocco appears abruptly out of nowhere. Neither adults nor children are afraid of him and while he might look a bit scary, it is kind of a cute scariness. There is lively talk about Mocco all over and everyone has respect for him, which he fully realises. Everyone knows that Mocco carries with him dreams and hope, so while you’re having fun with him you should make a wish in your heart. Stomp stomp stomp, Mocco is here!"

Naoki Matayoshi

Comedian, Author


Sayuri Ishikawa

Reading of MOCCO's Story and singing Tohoku no sachi


His name is MOCCO, a giant puppet that is carrying with him the hopes of many people from Tohoku. 

I was shown a video of MOCCO emerging from the design stage to become an actual puppet that moves. 

Everyone in Tohoku, children and adults alike, are pouring their energy into this project and moving forward one step at a time. These efforts serve as MOCCO's "muscle."

MOCCO enjoys seeing people come together, sleeps deeply and dreams, and jokes around. I like MOCCO so much that I will participate in this project with a voice full of emotion. 

MOCCO will be in full spirits as everyone gathers together for fun and joins forces. Please support us.


Singing Tohoku no sachi


I would like to express my gratitude for being invited to participate in this project to connect Tohoku and Tokyo. 

In the 10 years since the earthquake, musicians have been participating in various activities together with our friends in Tohoku as performers. 

Through this project, I would like to help my friends who are working hard in Tohoku to experience the "Olympic Games of Recovery" even if only a small degree. 

I also hope that MOCCO will become a further catalyst for the recovery of Tohoku, not only in Japan but also around the world.


Rap performance of Tohoku no sachi


I'm going to take the real voices of the people in Tohoku that reflect their thoughts about regional recovery and weave them into a rap version of Tohoku no sachi.

Whether it's hope, frustration or anger, please use my voice as a tool for expressing your feelings to all of Japan and the world.

As someone who has roots in Tohoku (Yamagata Prefecture), I'm honoured to be able to help in any way I can through this event, and I'm proud to make my grandmothers up in heaven proud!

Seiji Kameda

Arranger a producer of Tohoku no sachi

Music producer and bassist

MOCCO is with you when you are happy or sad, and is somewhere in your tender memories. MOCCO is there when you don't know what tomorrow holds. MOCCO is always together with everyone.

Cooperative organization: Tokyo University of the Arts (performance and recording)