Walter DEMEL

Лыжные гонкиЛыжные гонки
Год рождения1935


The most dominant West German cross country skier in the 1960s and 1970s was Walter Demel. He participated in four consecutive Winter Olympics. At Innsbruck in 1964 he was on the mixed German team, and then represented West Germany from 1968-76. His most successful Olympics were the Sapporo Games of 1972, when he came close to a podium, finishing fifth in both the 30 km and 50 km events. He was placed seventh in both the 15 km and relay events. He was the German flagbearer at the opening ceremony of these Games.

Demel also participated in four Nordic Worlds (1962, 1966, 1970 and 1974), earning a bronze over 30 km in 1966. This was the greatest success of his career internationally. In West Germany, he won 40 national titles, 26 of those in single events. After his retirement, Demel became the regional chief coach in Bavaria from 1978-85. From 1966-2008 he was elected to the parliament of his hometown, Bayreuth, for the left wing party SPD. By profession, Demel trained as a tiler, but later was employed as a policeman.

For his sporting achievements, he received numerous awards such as the Silver Bay Leaf in 1964, Germany’s highest sports award. He was a seven times winner of the Golden Ski by the German, and the Silver Ski by the Bavarian, Skiing Federations. He also became an honorable member of both the Bavarian Skiing Federation and his home club, SC Zwiesel.

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