Конькобежный спортКонькобежный спорт
Олимпийские медали
Год рождения1938


Viktor Kosichin was one of the best long distance speed skaters in the late 1950s and early 60s. At his first Soviet Championships, Kosichkin won the 5,000 metres. He made his international debut at the 1959 European All-Around Championships, where he won silver in the 5,000, and at the 1959 World All-Around Championships, won a bronze in the 10K. In 1960, Kosichkin did not medal at the European All-Around Championships, but won silver in the 10,000 and a bronze in the 5,000 at the World All-Around Championships, finishing fifth overall. At the 1960 Winter Olympics, Kosichkin gave himself a great birthday gift by winning gold in the 5K, while the silver medal went to his major rival, Knut Johannesen. In the 10,000, two days later, the roles were reversed, with Johannesen winning gold and Kosichkin silver. The next year was very successful for Kosichkin. At first, he won his only Soviet all-around title, then two weeks later won the European All-Around title, also winning the 5,000 and 10K events at those championships. Again two weeks later, Kosichkin was a runner-up at the World All-Around Championships, while winning the 10,000. In 1962, despite being a runner-up at the Soviet All-Around Championships, Kosichkin was not selected for the Soviet European Championships team, but won the World All-Around Championships. The next season was a disappointment to Kosichkin, as he was only 15th at the Soviet All-Around Championships and did not finish the 10K at the World All-Around Championships. At the 1964 Olympics, Kosichkin finished fourth in the 5,000 and sixth in the 10K, but later won a silver medal at the World All-Around Championships. Kosichkin won his last international championship medals at the 1965 European All-Around Championships, where he won bronzes in the 10K and all-around. Domestically, besides his only Soviet all-around title, Kosichkin was runner-up twice (1962, 1964) and won a bronze in 1965. He also won ten Soviet distance titles (at 1,500 in 1961, 5,000 in 1958, 1960-62, and in the 10,000 in 1960-62, 1964 and 1965). After his sporting career, Viktor Kosichkin worked as a speed skating coach with Dynamo Moskva.

Personal Bests: 500 – 41.9 (1965); 1500 – 2:10.7 (1965); 5000 – 7:42.3 (1965); 10000 – 15:49.2 (1960).

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