Urban Playground (topic available until March 2024)


In the framework of the Riding the Olympic Wave exhibition, this workshop and/or visit will invite the participants to think about how they see and make use of public space through sport, with the aim of getting them to change how they see and live in the city.

Accompanied by an activity leader, the pupils will become familiar with the basic concepts of urban planning whilst learning about the new sports on the Olympic programme for Paris 2024 (skateboarding, breaking, surfing, sport climbing, basketball 3x3 and BMX freestyle.) After discussing how they make use of the space in which they live, they will think about how a fictitious space could be designed to enable them to practise the sports of their choice, and produce a model of this.

  • Recommended ages: 11-13/14-15

The activity leader will adapt the language and content used to suit the age of the pupils/children.


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

  • English / French / German
  • 45-minute workshop in an educational area

Possibility to combine the workshop with:

  • Guided or self-guided 45-minute tour of the temporary exhibition

Guided tour of the temporary exhibition

  • The pupils will become aware of the changes to and increasing urbanisation of modern society through the six new sports/disciplines included on the Olympic programme for Paris 2024.
  • They will talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with this change, and how these can alter the way in which the Olympic Games are viewed, especially by young people.
  • They will explore the links between these sports and the creativity and artistic expression that link sport with culture.
  • They will think about, discuss and answer the questions asked by the activity leaders.

Themed workshop:

Through this workshop, the pupils will:

  • think about how they see the environment, and how they make use of it by and for practising urban sports;
  • think about the areas that could be used for their needs, whilst respecting other users, the rules of civility and the environment;
  • think about and apply the lessons learned from practising urban sports in order to change how they see and live in the city.
  • Since 1 January 2021, our entire educational programme has been free of charge for groups of pupils under 16 (entry to The Museum, visit and workshop, if desired and if available).

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