Sports Photography

Information and activity worksheets on sports photography.

Sports photography makes it possible to share a moment, a single instant. It conveys the intensity of sporting competition and freezes fleeting points in time. It relies on the talent of the photographers and their creative abilities, but also on technical advances, which help to capture the fleeting nature of individual moments as accurately as possible.

The information worksheet contains material that will enable pupils to become familiar with sports photography and learn to fully understand these types of images.

The activities worksheet offers six activities that can be done in class to understand the intentions of the photographers, gain a deeper insight into their work, and experience and express the emotions they evoke.

These worksheets highlight:

  • The close links between sports photography and the history of photography techniques
  • The documentary dimension and the artistic aspects of sports photography
  • The uniqueness of the sports photography profession
  • Photographing Sport – Activity Worksheet

    TOM SCHOOLS – Activity worksheet for pupils aged 9 to 15.

    FR / EN / DE

  • Photographing sport – Information worksheet

    TOM SCHOOLS – Information worksheet for pupils aged 9 to 15.

    FR / EN / DE

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