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In order for you to participate in this workshop and receive the photos created by your students, for use in class or as a souvenir, it is necessary to have the parents/legal guardians fill in consent form before you come, and to sign one yourself.

Please rest assured that the photographs taken during the workshop will not be used by The Olympic Museum in any way.

When technology brings cultures together


As part of our temporary programme around the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, to be held in the summer of 2021, come and discover the codes of Japanese culture with your students.

Accompanied by a TOM coach, the students will immerse themselves in the history and culture of Japan, the host country of this edition of the Olympic Games. They are invited to express their creativity by using a tablet to create an "augmented collage" from a library of images inspired by Japanese culture, the sports on the programme and the visual identity of Tokyo 2020.

The Lausanne-Tokyo AR workshop is an opportunity to explore the technology of augmented reality* and to discuss cultural diversity.

Thanks to this creative experience, the two cultures (Japan and Switzerland) will be placed side by side in a single image, highlighting the unique features of each. By playing with forms and juxtaposing different elements, the students will create poetic, unexpected, comic and fantastic effects.

An opportunity to open up to the world by stimulating curiosity.

* Augmented reality is a technique consisting of adding virtual elements (text, image, animation, etc.) to our immediate environment in order to enrich and enhance it.


Recommended ages: 11-13 years old / 14-15 years old

The activity leader adapts the language/content depending on the age of the students/children.


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 23 March to 19 November 2021


  • 45-minute workshop in one of the educational areas

Option to combine the workshop with:

  • Self-guided tour or 45-minute guided tour of the temporary exhibition


The guided tour of the temporary exhibition:

  • Students learn about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the sports on the programme.
  • They then explore the culture of the host country, Japan, through objects and sports manga.
  • They discover the aspects of the visual identity created for this edition of the Summer Games (torch, emblem, pictograms, etc.).

The themed workshop:

Children explore the creative possibilities offered by augmented reality. They will:

  • Discover the artistic process of collages and their digital application.
  • Learn to recognise certain objects from Japanese culture.
  • Create visual compositions in groups.
  • Share with the rest of the class their intentions and final results.


As of 1 January 2021, all our educational programmes are free of charge for those under the age of 16 (admission, visit and workshop if desired and available).

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