Kaki Moji !

In order for you to participate in this workshop and receive the photos created by your students, for use in class or as a souvenir, it is necessary to have the parents/legal guardians fill in a consent form before you come, and to sign one yourself.

Please rest assured that the photographs taken during the workshop will not be used by The Olympic Museum in any way.


A workshop that explores the fascinating world of sports manga. Through the graphic codes of onomatopoeia, students become familiar with Japanese culture. By placing themselves in the shoes of star athletes in a sports scene, they express their emotions and creativity, while becoming aware of the diversity of communication systems. The result is original pictures!

Kaki moji are words integrated into manga drawings. Like onomatopoeia, they can express sounds, but also emotions and physical sensations. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to discover the inventiveness of manga, in a field which is both graphic and linguistic

After an introduction to the genre of sports manga and its specificities, the students are invited, in small groups, to imagine sports situations from the Olympic Games (victory, defeat, mutual aid, cheating) and to put themselves in the shoes of an athlete. They then choose an Olympic setting, such as a stadium or a ring, and sports equipment designed like a skateboard or a baseball bat. For the final touch, they then add the onomatopoeia they feel is best suited to convey the desired emotions. Using the photographic technique of inlaying on a green background, the scene is then immortalised.

At the end of the workshop, the students are invited to present their creation to the rest of the group and discuss together the emotions and universal values of the sport they were looking to bring out in their creation.


Recommended ages: 7-10 years old / 11-13 years old / 14-15 years old  

The activity leader adapts the language/ content depending on the age of the pupils/children.


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 23 March to 19 November 2021


  • 45-minute workshop in one of the educational areas

Option to combine the workshop with:

  • Self-guided tour or 45-minute guided tour of the temporary exhibition


The guided tour of the temporary exhibition:

  • Students become familiar with sports manga and its graphic and narrative features.
  • Exploration of stories related to situations experienced by athletes at the Olympic Games and in their lives as professional athletes.

The themed workshop:

The children take centre stage to create original pictures. They:

  • Discover a mode of expression specific to Japanese manga.
  • Discuss in small groups how they will depict a sports situation.
  • Share with the rest of the class their intentions and the final result.


As of 1 January 2021, all our educational programmes are free of charge for those under the age of 16 (admission, visit and workshop if desired and available).

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