How well do you know the olympic games?


This guided tour helps the participants learn the essential facts about the Olympic Games, which are much more than just a sports competition. Based on the Museum’s permanent exhibition, this dynamic tour is a real journey into the Olympic world, punctuated by anecdotes, objects and records!


  • Recommended ages: 11-13 years old / 14-15 years old / 16+.

The Mediator adapts his speech and the contents presented to the age of the pupils/children.


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


90-minute guided tour of the temporary exhibition

Thematic orientation :

  • Origin and history of the Olympic Games
  • Olympic Values
  • Generalist (highlights)


A guided tour of the permanent exhibition

  • Pupils learn about the elements that form the uniqueness and universality of the Games.
  • They find out about the Olympic values through stories of athletes, who are champions in their own way.
  • They then go behind the scenes of the competitions and into the world of sports sciences through the zones devoted to nutrition, technological developments, training and activities carried out by the International Olympic Committee.
  • They are made aware of Olympic patrimony and how varied it is through objects, photos and films.
  • They think about, discuss and respond to the activity leader’s questions.


  • As of January 1, 2021, our entire educational offer is free of charge for groups under the age of 16 (admission, visit and workshop if desired and available).

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